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    Hurtigruten nostalgi

    A new thread for any old and historic articles, pictures or video from and about hurtigruten.
    Starting with a NRK program from 1983 to celebrate 90 years of Hurtigruten:

    The comments about the then new ships makes food for thought.

    Re: Hurtigruten nostalgi

    An excellent idea Ombugge!


      Re: Hurtigruten nostalgi

      Great theme for a thread.
      In the first video there, after around 1 minute, we see one of the Italian boats...., the most beautiful design, in my eyes.

      Then, in the light of such a thread and after watching good old videos, I'm a bit scared also.
      Scared by the fact that if Richard With didn't do what he did 120 years ago, Norway would never have had the Hurtigruten and we would not benefit from the tourism this bring to our country.

      If the case of starting something like Hurtigruten had been brought to the table today, raise your hands out there the ones who belive it would be realized...
      I think not.

      In this thread I'm affraid I personally have very little to contribute with, so let's hope there are members/future members out there who have pictures and stories from the old days to show/tell us


        Have you all seen this vide from the maiden voyage of SS Lofoten, 1932?

        In the film, you can also see Lofoten meeting Vesteraalen for the first time at Trondheims Fjord....
        With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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        • nari
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          I have just watched this little movie of the original Lofoten of 1932 - what a remarkable recording of pre-1940 Norway and the hundreds of folk so intent on "being there". And the zillions of trawlers........

        After going through some of the posts in this thread, I wonder what Norwegianports are CVF's members' favourites?
        For me. based on three voyages, Honningsvag and Svolvaer come out on top with Bergen running close second and then Tromso and Kirkenes.
        After the 4th and 5th voyages in October - who knows.


        • yvneac
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          It's heartbreaking having to make a choice.
          I'd say:
          North. Honningsvaag and Kjollefjord.
          South. Aalesund.
          But after my next trip I could change my mind.....

        An interesting question:
        When a passenger decide on a favourite port when travelling on board a hurtigrute, what are your criterias? Scenery, length of stay and what to do/see or where the ship dock and how clean and neet the surroundigs are, how you are welcommed as a passenger when walking off the ship?


          I agree.The choice is very subjective…and not definitive.
          As for me Kjollefjord was a 24 hours stopover on Xmas day so it was a great experience.I use to say that for a Frenchman it was North Norway in a nutshell.An opportunity to discover a little human community in its rough environment.
          The season you travel is important too.A sunny day in May gives you a total different feeling than a blue-dark light in December.
          Ask me the same question tomorrow perhaps I answer Torvik in late October with the Indian summer colours…
          In fact every call tempts to return and to spend more time there.


          • nari
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            My criteria for ports is the landscape and how it impacts on "being there." One town is much like any other, and I know I might be criticised for this, but towns are man made to a plan which doesn't vary much wherever one travels. That is just me. One exception was the walk I did in pouring rain and buffeting wind across the Tromso bridge and back. That bridge is a masterpiece and Bronnoysund's bridge comes in close second.
            Another one is the walk up to the ridge in Havoysund to the tiny cemetery and the endless ocean.

          Favourite port?
          No doubt; Ålesund, northbound. Just ask ombugge.
          Regards; Sigve.


          • nari
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            I recall scrambling rather hopelessly up Mt Aksla, getting to step # 290 from memory, and giving up.
            That was 1997 and I was remarkably unfit. But the view from halfway was amazing - it was October and brilliant sun on all those houses clinging to their particular island.
            Very more-ish. Can't beat Honningsvag though......

          The morning scenery in Oernes is so beautiful that i had tears in my eyes.
          A windy evening in Stamsund is a very "lofotish" experience.
          Walking trough Tromsoe with all it's students is very atmospheric.
          The way in and out of Kristiansund is not possible to compare with anything nicer.
          Torvik is so nice because there is almost .... nothing,
          Can't tell much about Roervik because i was always visiting the other ships there...

          More "favourites" required? Just ask, i know some...
          Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


          • nari
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            Kirkenes - low cloud/fog (couldn't decide which) complete silence, very gloomy, long walk to town so very easy not to do that. Short walk up the road towards the border, semi-dark, deep snow....magic.

            Honningsvag - All loading finished, silence and two large mountains three-quartered coated in snow and the mountains behind the town....

            Svolvaer - 2000 hrs, pitch dark, standing in the centrum and the wet snow, having a searchlight from one of the buildings shine on us for some time. A beautiful little town, with its Krigsmuseum.(Sorry for the spelling - can't find the card)

            Narvik - not a brilliant town but the surrounding landscape is splendiferous and adds to its charm.

          1985 - Honningsvag - 6:00 AM, before boarding Harald Jarl - the reindeer that blocked my path and nearly knocked me off my bicycle.
          Harald Jarl, Honningsvag to Svolvaer, Summer 1985.
          Deck plan geek.


          • nari
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            Lofoten October 1997.
            On the aft deck, moving slowly through Raftsundet, brilliant sun, orange-red mountains and a roundish lady from Devizes singing "I'm just a girl who can't say no.." much to the amusement of a few crew members.

          • Clipper
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            Now there's an idea! A full performance of Oklahoma aboard one of the Hurtigruten fleet.

            It's high time for a publicity stunt to follow on from Minutt for Minutt.