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WANGSMO second hand bookstore in Trondheim (Norway)

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    WANGSMO second hand bookstore in Trondheim (Norway)

    WANGSMO second hand bookstore in Trondheim (Norway)

    I would like to let everybody here know, because I know there are many lovers of Norwegian coastal history (Hurtigruten no exception) and because this store/shop has things that shouldn't be forgotten in shelves for a long time.

    Wangsmo second handbook store in Trondheim is located just behind Our Lady's Church (Vår Frues Kirke) about 50 meters from the start of Nordre gate walking street. They have a LOT of books in their store... you can almost not imagine how many there are!

    They have a great section on shipping as well (what we call "sjøfart" ---- not the fart you think of).... and within this section, you will find a LOT of books about Hurtigruten as well. Earlier this week, I saw a lot of books.... such as for example a 1955-edition of SDS (Stavangerskes Steamshipcompany), a 1950's edition of the NFDS (Nordenfjeldskes Damskipsselskap) book, several copies of Nordover med hurtigruten, a 1950's hurtigruten travel guide about the entire coast, and perhaps one of the best books I have read: FULL STORM (Nordanger Publishing).

    When and if you are travelling through Trondheim, make sure to include them in your visit!

    From their website, you can also sign up for a FREE NEWSLETTER with new books on sale.... it comes about once a month, and it's easy to select SJØFART in the link!

    PS: They also have a lot of ENGLISH language books also....

    Naturally, if you find something interesting in their database, they do send all over Norway too.

    The people working there is extremely helpful, friendly and polite and they do know their BOOKS!
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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    I remember that shop well and actually bought the NFDS book (of 1957) there in 2012 :-) - though I don't really speak Norwegian, I can understand quite a lot in written form... In fact, the NFDS book was not second-hand at all, but in pristine new condition, I think Wangsmo has some "new old stock" of that book (what is called "neuantiquarisch" in German).