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    Next Sunday I will embark aboard Fram for an European tour from Lisbon to Amsterdam.
    1 Lisbon
    2 Porto
    3 La Coruna
    4 Gijon
    5 Bilbao
    6 Lorient (not very exotic for me!)
    7 Scilly Islands
    8 Jersey
    9 At sea
    10 Amsterdam

    Here is a picture from the Scilly (Hurtigruten catalogue)

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    I'm a bit late as you are probably on your way to Lisbon right now, but just wanted to wish you BON VOYAGE aboard Fram!


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      Have a good journey!
      Regards; Sigve.


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        Thank you for your kind wishes Cecilia and Sigve.
        This cruise was really a pleasure since it was a kind of « European patchworh »
        As usual at this period le Golfe de Gascogne (bay of Biscaye) was « gently » choppy with a rough sea.
        I don’t mind,I like the waves.
        In the Channel, our captain had to cancel the call at Jersey owing to the windy weather. Then we reached Amsterdam sooner and may enjoy to move up the canal in day time.
        As for Fram, she is so cosy and the crew so friendly that just leaving her, you want to embark again.
        I shall post when my pictures will be sorted out.
        One first:Fram docking in Lisboa close to L’Austral (Soleal sister ship).


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          Hope you had a most wonderful journey, and from reading your last past here, I think you indeed had. Fram is a great looking ship and from images I have seen before, I woudn't mind spending some time on her some day when I get closer to retirement.
          With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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            I'm glad you had a good time Yves. Fram is indeed a very enjoyable ship, which you want to return to. I'm eager to see more pictures of your trip!
            MS Lofoten April 2006, March 2012, Feb 2013. MS Polarlys Dec 2010. MS Fram Feb 2009, Sep 2011.
            Upcoming : MS Fram Dec 2013, MS Lofoten Sep 2014
            My travelblog : Hurtigruten, Antarctica, Svalbard, Norway (and other places...).


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              There are many nice and descriptive pictures on Fram thread. Although Cecilia’s ones are exhaustive I will post mine as a personal account.
              If Fram is obviously a Hurtigruten ship, she has her own personnalité. Smaller than her biggest sisters, with fewer cabins, her great advantages are her large and cozy panoramic lounge and her open observation terrace at the bow. From there we have a very good view to the surroundings so I imagine it must be great to stay here when navigating in Arctic or Antarctic, crossing icebergs, whales, penguins etc… Even though this terrace takes place on deck 5 it seems to be close to the surface of the sea.
              At the top of the boat, deck 8, above the panoramic we find another observation gangway, surely well-adapted in case of exploration voyage. Stern side, the solarium is the meeting point for the amateurs of blue deckchairs,spa bath…..and smokers but in a restricted area.
              Inside, the general theme of the decoration evokes the colours, the lights, the shapes and the physical geography we find in the High latitudes, mainly Greenland. The carpets, the chairs, the designs have been created exclusively for Fram to give a visual unity. Therefore, you may wander around as you do in a museum or a garden, taking your time to enjoy a particular detail or another.
              To be aboard Fram: as we say in French, il y a pire comme punition (there is worse, as a punishment).

              The panoramic

              At night in Amsterdam


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                Choose you seat...

                and take off your shoes.


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                  It's a life's dog onboard!


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                    Me like! For my personal gusto, Fram would also have the perfect size for a tour at the coastal route. I have to remind for myself to save money for a cruise on her...
                    Very personal pictures, which give us also a have-been-there-with-you feeling. Thank you, Yves!
                    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


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                      Thanks Ralf.As we share the same feelings about the different ships of HG, I am sure you would enjoy a trip aboard Fram.

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                    To reach the decks you may use the lifts.Then you share your trip with:

                    Or Amundsen

                    Two nice guys


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                      But you may prefer the stairs.

                      And have a look at the ports of call of Fram


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                        In the expedition team Fiona (from England) is specialised in Fine Arts. She showed us the ship from this point of view and gave us interresting informations.
                        The carpets figure the ground of Greenland.

                        The chairs, its sky reflected on the sea.


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                          Maybe my favorite artwork aboard, the watercolours by Swedish Lars Lerin.Because of the reflections, the pictures are not "legible"

                          A link in English to the artist


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                            :In bulk: painting,sculpture,tapestry

                            Ilove this last one.


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                              Yes,it is easy to visit the ships on the coastal line but it seems that the "real cruise" ships have different rules.
                              In Lisbon I can't go aboard L'Austral, in the same way I am not allowed to visit the ships of Ponant company when they dock at Caen,even though I was a former customer.

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                              As for the blue and brown "teacup" chairs, Fiona told us that they were not the original ones.Don't remember why they are here now but I am agree whith you, it's a bit "out of character".And not confortable.

                            • Seagull
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                              I’ve continued the panorama lounge chair discussion in Fram’s thread so as to show photos of the originals.