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    Best time to go? done Tromso Bergen (August 09) and Tromso/Kirkness/Tromso (June 10) and we're planning to do Bergen To Tromso soon.So the choice is between last week of October or last week March 2016.
    Looking for help in deciding when to go. What the best time of the 2? Any advise/comments/suggestions welcome?

    I would bow to the opinions of folk living in Norway, but I have travelled in October and towards the end of March - in the former case it was sunny, pleasantly cool and clear evenings with "pretty" sunsets. On the March trip there was some snow almost everywhere north of Alesund, but quite walkable. Either choice of course still has its variable seasons.


      Don't know about March but I was aboard Lofoten the last week of October 2011.I enjoyed this trip very much.In the South, the colours of late automn were still there giving a touch of Indian Summer to the landscape and in the North it was the beginning of a winter atmosphere.
      You can have a look to my report in the "crew manifest" section.
      Have a good trip.


        At least my Finnmarken folk always say that the autumn can be spectacular - which would tie up with what Yves says. It can also be cold, windy and bumpy, but that's what they always say!



          If you ask me, i would prefer October. I have made the trip in 1st week of November, March/April and May/June and all three had something special: November was clearly a winter trip in the North with a return to a wonderful autumn landscape and weather in the South. In springtime it can be a bit frustrating to go back to winter on a northbound route, into a weather you just left behind. In autumn winter is coming and you will accelerate the time to see the first snow. The May/June trip was nearly as cold as the March/April trip, so i would not count on an early springtime. Since I have no big experiences: which time is better to watch Aurora Borealis??
          Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11