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    Still confused though. Is that me or the article? Does that mean that TF, MS and FM are 'off the route' - i.e. not carrying passengers and freight?
    They will not carrying local passenger or freight on the days they dont have Kystrute agreement,and that means they are out of the ordinary coastal route but they will sail to selected ports between Bergen and Kirkenes.
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      Thanks Bengt. Think I understand now.

    I guess you all have seen the new design for the four HAVILA KYSTRUTEN ships?

    Thank goodness they are nowhere like the previously issued photo of a green-coloured cattle ship.

    They look great - but will the Havila Kystruten-ships also take cars? The only photo I have seen so far are from their starboard side.

    Perhaps it's time for me to learn Chinese for real.... that would have been something not too many with a Captains license can speak.
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    9 of the Hurtigruten ships to be converted to hybrid propulsion:


      Looks like Hurtigruten has changed their mind and returned to Geiranger:


        Well, not a recent change of mind, although ombugge thought they had cancelled Geiranger in post Seagull away a While #450.on 27th April. But I had been checking excursions on the website and the next day (in #451) reported “I believe that in Hurtigruten-speak May is in "Spring" and June is in "Summer" - and the Geiranger detour is only in Summer".

        I picked up the thick, 4 language, lavishly illustrated 165 page (!) Excursion book when I was aboard Spitsbergen. It is certainly much easier than clicking on the website! This is what happens northbound:-

        Geiranger during June, July and August
        Hjørundfjord during September and October
        Ålesund longer stopover (12 noon to 15:00) in months November to May