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MOL Comfort Breaks In Two Off Yemen

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    MOL Comfort Breaks In Two Off Yemen

    A container ship is broken into two parts in the indian ocean. Spectacular photos and information can be found


    and here

    The ship is build in 2008, 317 m long. Is it realy possible, to miscalculate the load in a way that such a damage can be caused, or is this just a structural problem of this ship?
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    Re: MOL Comfort Breaks In Two Off Yemen

    Maybe not miscalculating the load distribution, but the need to maintain speed and keep the schedule at all costs??
    Arriving too late at next port may result in loosing the berth slot and have to wait for hours/days, or bypass and transship containers from another port. (Jeddha is a congested port)

    Weight distribution and still water bending moments are monitored continuously on a vessel like this. Ballast capacity is available to maintain the moments within acceptable limits, but driving the vessel too hard, in weather conditions like what is common in the Arabian Sea in the SW Monsoon season, may induce loads and load cycles for which the vessel is not designed. Seas of 6 - 10 m. is not uncommon in late June and in July.