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  • Accidents caught on video

    There are video cameras everywhere and a lot of accidents are filmed an put on the net for all to see. We have had several here on CVF lately. I therefore thought it a good idea to make a new thread just for such cases.

    Here is a collision which occurred near Port Said between two even sized container ships recently:

    I suggest looking at the AIS tracking first to get a clearer view of the relative position of the ship before the collision:
    In the video it appears that the Maersk is being overtaken, but that does not appear to be the case on the AIS plot.

    Note> Number order in the convoy is assigned and not up to individual Masters, or Canal Pilots.

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    Here is one more from gcaptain:
    Luckily the crew is strapped in with 3-point seat belts and head restrain, or at least they should be.
    Did that put you off free fall lifeboats??


    • pilotdane
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      Holly cow! When the title said front flip I thought it just hit the water and tipped end for end. Not pop back up and do a flip while in the air.

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    The above post shows how NOT to launch a free fall lifeboat.
    Here is how it should be done:


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      Amateur Skipper in charge here??:

      Could it be the crew had never heard about the anchor, or the the ship is the safest place to be in cases like this?
      Once the engine(s) stopped, or whatever, they should have dropped an anchor to stop the drift towards the breakers.


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        Post #1 shows what can happen when two large ships meet, or overtake in a narrow channel.
        Here is another video of a similar incident, but this time in a river and with two vessels of different size involved:

        The function of pressure zones between vessels at speed and between river banks and boats is clearly not very well understood by those involved in these two accidents.
        Pressure zones can be used to avoid accidents, as well as being the cause of one, provided the action and reaction is understood and used right.


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          Launch gone wrong:

          Looks like in Tg.Priok, Indonesia.


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            OOOOPPPSSS....... that launch looks really expensive!
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              Someone has all the patience in the world:!/video/109972/o...ter-grunnstoet
              Are you up to watching 1h 09 min. of a ship standing still on a rocky beach??


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                Even for the land of slow TV, that is slow. Very, very slow.

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                You could add to the excitement by adding pictures of a burning fireplace in the upper right corner.

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              If you were of the impression that you can go anywhere, or do anything, without being caught on video, think again.
              Even running your ship aground is not a private matter anymore:


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                OOOOOps!!! A lifting operation gone wrong:


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                  This does not look good:
                  Will she be in Aalesund in July??


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                    Double oooops!!! That not what was supposed to happen:


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                      A major explosion in Tianjin Port was caught on video. Here is an early CCTV America report on the incident:

                      Tianjin is a major port and industrial area near Beijing. It is also a center for the oil industry and base for the activity in the Bohai Gulf. I have been there several time, but the development of this place is such that it is hard to recognize where in the wast port area this happened.

                      Could it be containers of Litium for the production of batteries that has gone up in flames?? This is a major center for production of batteries for electronics, solar power and electric cars etc.


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                        A tanker was driven ashore in a storm just north of the entrance to Lisbon, next to a well known tourist area:


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                          Not nice:


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                            OH.... that's not nice at all. But hopefully, the result would be some cosmetic scars.