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    Interesting invention. Why isn't this compulsory equipment everywhere?:


      Originally posted by ombugge View Post
      Interesting invention. Why isn't this compulsory equipment everywhere?:
      That was a very interesting concept. Imagine if you had a remote control in your pocket and fell off your sailboat on a solo-sailing - potentially, you could actually have a chance on getting back onto your boat.

      I would be interested to hear what our resident sailer amongst us - Sir Tommi - thinks of this new invention and concept.
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      • Tommi
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        Nice idea, I've seen it for a while ago.
        If we begin with the question if it is possible to use it to getting back to the boat when solo sailing - I don't think so. You need to consider that a typical sailboat travels at 5-7 knots, so the life bouy needs to be good for at least, say, 12-18 knots, to be able to catch the vanishing boat after rescuing the skipper. :-) That's a lot of speed for a human in the water! :-)
        So for the solo sailor, the survival concept goes back to a life-jacket, mobile phone, VHF, EPIRB or AIS and in cold waters a dry suit. Of course, the best is to stay on board, so tethering with a life line is also smart, as well is a life jacket light at night.

        I think that this product is more usable for bigger vessels, for example a Hurtigrute travelling at 15 knots, to quickly be able to provide bouyancy for a man-over-board instead for those "drop in sea" type of life boyes typically found on the bridge wings (probably a SOLAS requirement).
        They could also be great for "public" harbour and beach rescue, where it might be difficult for a life guard to quickly reach the victim in the water.

        Myself, I've been fighting half the summer to get the city of Strängnäs to place a single normal life bouy on my dock, but that seems to be too difficult to accomplish... :-(