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Deepwater Horizon

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    Re: Deepwater Horizon

    There are apparently some people in the area that does not see milking BP as an honourable thing:
    James E. Smith | Jul. 8, 2013
    I am certain that BP is being defrauded. I live in east/central MS., and have heard countless times of individuals and businesses filing losses and getting reimbursed for said losses. All the instances that I have heard, were bogus not only were the folks involved not impacted, but some live as far north as Tupelo, MS. Give me a brake. Outside the current administration, these sorry opportunist are the next biggest cause of inflation, and players in the demise of what was once, a GREAT nation. GOD BLESS!


      Re: Deepwater Horizon

      Looks like BP signed a blank cheque with open ended validity:


        Did lessons get learnt from the D.Horizon accident???
        It depends on who you ask apparently:


          A sister rig of Deepwater Horizon has had problems in GOM:


          • Steve.B
            Steve.B commented
            Editing a comment
            BP will be heaving a sigh of relief that it was not on charter to them!

          This give you great faith in the US legal system:

          Owners of a rig with none-working BOP and insufficiently trained personnel in charge, but no negligence??
          BP will obviously appeal this decision to a higher court.

          Actually they were found 30% at fault, but because of the contractual indemnity they are not liable?
          If they were negligent that should be enough to negate the indemnity clause:


            Here is a brave soul who dear to say that BP did a good job in stopping and cleaning up the mess after the DS Horizon blowout:

            He can expect a lot of flack from "patriots" with no real knowledge of the facts. Why are them foreigner doing coming here to steal our oil and pollute our waters??? Fine them!!!


              The court cases against BP employees are still going on:

              But what about the Transocean personnel, both on the rig and ashore?? They owned and operated the rig on a BP charter, but was still responsible for adequate maintenance and qualified manning.

              The lax safety culture and lack of Federal requirement for formal training of rig personnel has a lot to do with what happened here, before and after they lost control of the well.
              Even for Rig Superintendents and Senior Drilling personnel there are no Federal requirement for formal education and training, other then short courses in Well Control, which is not very comprehensive.

              The American tradition is "On the Job Training", which worked fine when things were simple and the waters were shallow, but it is manifestly inadequate on a modern rig working on high pressure/high temperature wells in deep water.

              Norway has had requirement to formal training and some form of Certification for Drilling Personnel since the early 1980s, after they realized that the people working in the Offshore field wasn't akin to rocket scientists.

              When the Ekofisk Bravo blew out they found out that the highly skilled "Expert" in charge of the "work-over", supplied by Phillips at very high cost, had been on a one week "Vetco School" and had 6 months experience. Before that he had been a "Short-order Cook in New Orleans" or something.
              (But he did know somebody in Bartlesville, Ok)


                Originally posted by ombugge View Post
                At least there are a few people that will be making a good living out of this for the foreseeable future; Lawyers!!!!

                What a circus this build up to become.

                I can see where there will be some opportunists trying their luck. Say an "unemployable" man in his 20s who has never done an honest days work in his life, but happen to live within 100 miles from the Gulf Coast. He gets approached by a greedy lawyer, who cook up some hardship story. He is persuaded to claim that he has lost his "livelihood" because of the "BP spill" and demand compensation for the rest of his natural life, with an assumed 6-digit annual income.

                With your jury system and the defendant being seen as a foreign company, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see such claims being honoured, to the tunes of millions of dollars (Refr. the McDonald coffee scam)

                In refr. to my above post back in Aug. 2010 (Post #92); here is an article from gcaptain today:
                No, I don't claim to be clairvoyant, just to have some knowledge of how thing works in the bayous and beyond.

                If you are interested, read also Bigboatbill's posts at around the same time for some local flavour.


                This interview on 60 min. with one of the crew that survived the DW accident:
                WARNING: It is a tough view.

                This is a BBC interview with an actor in the film and the same survivor: