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Animal Planet's Whale Wars

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    Re: Animal Planet's Whale Wars

    I have been reading the latest news about Sea Shepherd and the Japanese whaling fleet. Yes... same old story, new year. Regardless of your view on whaling for or against, at what point does harassing or interfering with another vessel become illegal? To me intentionally trying to foul a ships propeller or rudder or prevent it from fueling or transfering cargo in international waters is illegal. Even if you want whaling stopped there is a mountain of evidence that Sea Shepherds boats are actively hunting, chasing and interfering/attacking the Japanese vessels. This is dangerous stuff even in warmer waters where rescue may be close at hand. Doing it in the southern ocean thousands of miles from potential rescue seems so far over the line I almost consider it an act of war or certainly terrorism.


      Re: Animal Planet's Whale Wars

      Here's some videos (found on Norsk Skipsfarts Forum) from the last week's "action" between the Japanese and Sea Shepherd.
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        Re: Animal Planet's Whale Wars

        I hadnt noticed this thread until now, and I've acctually read through every reply in here now, cause this is a very interesting topic..


          Re: Animal Planet's Whale Wars

          Having looked at the video from this last "action" I must say that it is unbelievably stupid to deliberately put yourself into a situation like what is seen here.
          In one video they force themselves between a loaded tanker and the Factory ship, colliding with both. In that situation there is no way of controlling the vessel.
          If they had managed to hole the tanker it could become a serious pollution case and, since sparks must be flying, there could have been a major fire engulfing not only the Sea Shepard boat but the tanker and the factory ship as well.

          I don't know how many is on board each vessel, but I would guess the total number would be somewhere between 100 -150 persons in jeopardy of their life, just so the so called "Captain" Wilson can feed his ego.

          The idiots on board the Sea Shepard boat deserve no sympathy, as they are deliberately putting themselves into this situation, but the crew on the tanker is ordinary seamen doing their job.

          The crew of the factory ship is also going about their lawful job, although there may be debate about the "moral" of their activity.

          With these boats being registered under the Dutch flag it is for the Dutch authorities to take action and stop this madness. If not, International Maritime Law is also in jeopardy.

          Seafarers that does an honest mistake, or is accused of negligence, causing a few square meters of coral reef to be temporary "destroyed" is thrown in jail, while these idiots, who break all laws and rules deliberately, are seen as heroes by some.

          Corals grows back and oil spill disappears over time, but life lost from stupid acts is lost forever.


            Re: Animal Planet's Whale Wars

            Well said, Ombugge. Does make you wonder just how much more video evidence is required before someone decides that this gang of ocean going bullies need locking up for a very long time? I simply cannot believe they are still getting away with endangering lives. Before long people WILL die because of these criminals.
            Your charts, your radar, your eyes and ears - if all 4 agree, you may proceed with caution.


              Re: Animal Planet's Whale Wars

              Am I alone, or are they using words which could also describe their activity?

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                Another thread that has been dormant for a long time.
                The whaling season is on off the Norwegian coast, but it is unlikely that they will be filling the quota this year either:

                For those who feel revolt at the killing and eating of whales, I found this video about slaughtering of the animals most of us eat with gusto:

                Just as a contrast, this is how hunting, killing and preparing minke whales are done by Norwegian whalers:

                If you watched both videos you can make up you own mind as to what is most crual.


                  Sea Shepard lost their appeal to the US Supreme Court:

                  How the US can regulate what non-US ships and persons do in International waters is not of interest to the High Court Judges, apparently.


                    I am just glad they have not killed or seriously hurt anyone. Untrained or poorly trained volunteers in the antarctic in old ships playing bumper boats has always seemed a bit irresponsible and dangerous.


                      No er det gjort for Johan Hjort:


                        This may have been seen by most, but it goes to show the danger these people put themselves and others to in the name of saving the whales, whether they are actually endangered or not:

                        Luckily for them they have a sturdy former Norwegian whaler to play hero on.
                        Why the Dutch allow their flag to be flown on vessels that goes about deliberately breaking all Maritime laws and customs.
                        So far only that flimsy plastic boat has sunk, but no thanks to the seamanship shown by any of the heroes.


                          Peace at last??:
                          How to make dramatic scenes from a Court Injunction? You cannot even fake it.
                          Will this will spell the end for Animal Planet??


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                            I don't know about Discovery Communications but it could spell a change for the Sea Shepherd organization. Is there any new news about a new ship build the touted in a press release after receiving a big donation earlier this year?

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                            The new flagship Ocean Warrior is under construction at Damen in Turkey. Due for delivery next month:

                          Well, s expected the Pirates are not through yet:


                            Wow! Four screws. They are not messing around. Anyone know about the power plants?


                            Ready for a new season of crazy stunts in the Southern Ocean?: