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  • Yesterday, 15. July, 2017, a "nice little Anchor Handler" visited Aalesund:

    She is the Japanese owned but Norwegian registered "KL Sandefjord". She was touted as the most powerful towing vessel in the wold when delivered from the Vard Langstein Yard in 2011:
    But actually overtaken by the Far Samson, built at the same yard in 2009:

    Some more picture of this beast for your enjoyment:

    She has some of the most powerful and comprehensive winch system in the business. (Details in the MJ article):

    Nice little detail for those in the know; the commonly used Capstans at either side aft has been replaced by Tugger winches:

    Don't know about that box placed on the outside of the Cargo rail though. (Obviously it has survived 6 years so far)

    She is equipped with two cranes running on the rails and covering the entire deck space:

    Each equipped with a "manipulator head" to cut down on risky operation by the deck crew:

    A look along Stbd. side and the superstructure with the bridge, with near 360 degr. unobstructed view:


    • Another detail; remote controlled CCTV Camera that can be extended from the bow when you need to know what is going on in the blind zone close by, or when deploying or recovering anchors by remote operation from the bridge:

      She look kind of "angry" when viewed from here:

      Seen from the other side of the harbour:

      Plenty of Thrusters to keep her on line when running anchors, incl. an Azimuth thruster that can be used as propulsion when idling in the field:

      I did not ask to go onboard, since the crew were busy with family visits. (Besides, I only do "vessel inspections" when I'm paid for it)


      • The Alucia 2 (ex Volstad Surveyor) has been owned by an American Film Company since Oct. 2016, but is still in Aalesund.
        I can not find any news on when she will be leaving for USA for conversion. (Earlier said to be due in Dec. 2016)

        I went to have a look at this vessel yesterday, 15. July, 2017. First as seen from town:

        She is moored inside of the Seismic vessel Geo Bluefin in this picture.

        A view from above:

        And from the wharf:

        Note that the AHC Offshorecrane has been removed, but the foundation is still in place:

        The Bridge wing on Stbd. side is extended over the side and aft towards the working deck to give better view when operating the crane:

        And launching ROV through the side gate from the ROV Hangar:

        The Helideck is arranged below the bridge, not above as usual:

        Very special looking vessel, with the short working deck.


        • Great photos of these complex working ships!


          • The world's most powerful tug Far Samson showing off in her home port of Aalesund:


            • OCEAN ART, with nose art at Vestbase last week
              SSL22366 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr


              • NIce shot of the powerful tug doing a 360 outside of Ålesund, and a fantastic photo from Vestbase.

                I had to look twice at the bow of Ocean Art..... first I thought she had a collision damage but quickly realized that it's some kind of mountain-inspired art.
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                • "Ocean Fortune" outbound from Breivika harbor earlier this evening.

                  Best wishes from
                  Bengt Domben


                  • "Karoline" (FO) north Tromsø strait this afternoon.

                    Best wishes from
                    Bengt Domben


                    • "Sanco Sky" out from Breivika harbor this evening.

                      Best wishes from
                      Bengt Domben