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    To the other side of the island. A CSV seen at anchor at at Western Anchorage, Singapore:

    As seen from a passing HSC on the way to Batam.


      I forgot the view back long the pier at Loyang:

      A familiar sight for many of our guests and some of the members here on CVF.


        Here is a few Offshore vessels seen at West Jurong Anchorage this week.

        First an overview of the anchorage on a very calm day:

        The NE Monsoon front is in the area, but not yet active, most days.

        The AHTS Maersk Seeker is sticking close to it's roots:

        She was built here some years ago.

        A newly completed Floatel is waiting for her first assignment:

        AHTS Deep Sea 1 is in to discharge equipment from her last assignment:

        A very powerful vessel at 25,200 Bhp total installed power. Here is the specs:
        Originally ordered by Mosvold Shipping in Norway, together with three sister ships, but the order was cancelled due to late delivery.
        Now under Indonesian flag and operated by Go Marine Group in Australia.


          A much smaller and less powerful AHTS, The Interspray:

          One of the regulars at AJW, the Salvigilant:

          Normally used for long range towage around the world.

          A small Harbour tug is standing by with 4 large Yokohama fenders alongside:

          DS 1 in almost Pakarang view as well.

          The AHTS Harrier K:

          A GO Marine PSV heading East:

          Too far away to see the name, but the probably Explorer 3 or 4.


            A PSV under construction at ASL Shipyard, the Mermaid Leeuwin:

            ​AHTS Pacific Battler at Kim Heng Yard, Pandan:


              Originally posted by ombugge View Post
              ....The Trinity Revival. An old Japanese Patrol boat, now used as Survey Vessel (some times).
              I believe I have posted quite a detailed report on this one some time ago.
              Indeed you did ombugge, an excellent report which I particularly remember:



                Originally posted by ombugge View Post
                Isn't she a BEAUTY????: You don't agree??? Well beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I guess.
                Put it this way, Ombugge, your photo is a beauty, anyway.

                I forgot the view back long the pier at Loyang: A familiar sight for many of our guests and some of the members here on CVF.
                You're right, even I recognised it immediately, although I could not have said exactly where it was. (Nor roughly, come to that.)

                And I do very much like #1518.1 and 3, as images.

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                  A few offshore vessels are always in the offering when you visit Jurong West Anchorage, Singapore. Here is a few from a trip to the anchorage.

                  Pacific Wrestler arriving with a barge in tow:

                  Pacific Battler has been featured before on CVF:

                  Far Fosna waiting for dock space:

                  Not actually an Offshore vessel but a deck cargo carrier, the Crest Zapata:


                    Many offshore vessels in Kristiansund today.
                    SIEM TOPAZ at the oil- and gas field service base OSS-NOR on the east side of Markussundet
                    (We have three such bases in our area; Vestbase, Oss-Nor and Kristiansund Base at Averøy. KB is owned by Vestbase though)

                    Three alongside Storkaia, among them OLYMPIC ZEUS
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                      Some Offshore vessels seen at Kemaman Supply Base (KSB) in Terengganu, Malaysia a couple of days ago.
                      Dive Support Vessel Allied Conquest:

                      AHTS Armada Tuah 9:

                      AHTS JM Seri Besut:

                      AHTS Tanjung Gelang & Setia Mandala:

                      AHTS Setia Luhur:


                        AHTS JM Ehsan heading in to get provision:

                        Waiting for AHTS Sea Sovereign to get out of the way:


                          Lots of boats at the anchorage and idle:

                          A jack-up rig is further out:

                          Looks like he is freeing legs. (Listed quite a bit earlier)

                          Sea Sovereign is steam towards his favorite anchor position:

                          I was on board the AHT Lewek Kea, but did not manage to take any picture of that one.


                            Shell Prelude.

                            From the BBC: "World's biggest 'ship' takes to water"


                            We learn that "when fully built, Shell's Prelude will weigh over 600,000 tonnes." That's nearly 3 x Oasis/Allure of The Seas.

                            Unfortunately, the article is very short and doesn't tell us much more. Maybe someone knows which shipyard is building this beast?

                            The video is a time-lapse of the launch and manoeuvring by tugs - I can count 8 of them.

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                              This beast is under construction at Samsung Heavy Industries, Geoje shipyard in South Korea

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                              Ah right, South Korea. Thank you.

                            Pacific Battler still at Jurong West Anchorage with the barge and cargo:


                              A very big Swier AHTS seen at Jurong West Anchorage, Singapore: