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    Expedition Cruise is a "hot item" in the market:


      Hurtiigruten do their bit to keep plastic out of the ocean and fjords:


        Originally posted by ombugge View Post
        Hurtiigruten do their bit to keep plastic out of the ocean and fjords:
        I saw this in the news here in Norway as well, and would like to commend them on actually doing something. A lot of companies are doing absolutely nothing. I think that everybody can and should be doing SOMEthing.

        Plastic in the ocean and our fjords is a problem bigger than I actually thought. Whether it's getting worse or whether it has always been like this is not a question I linger on, but we have to do something to stop this problem to worsen.
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          Yes "somebody ought to do something" is a VERY common statement, but is solves nothing.

        River cruise on the Danube anyone??:


          If the Blue Danube is not to your liking, what about the Arctic?
          Incl. the ultimate destination; The North Pole:


            "Polarfront" was a Norwegian weather ship that was stationed in the north atlantic at 66 ° North and 2 ° East. The vessel sent meteorological data to the Meteorological Institute until the end of 2009/2010.

            The ship was owned and operated by the company Kåre Misje & Co for the Norwegian state at Meteorological Institute. It was specially built at Mandal Shipyard, and was commissioned in 1976.
            "Polarfront" was long the only remaining weather ship in the world, but at the start of 2010 the ship was laid up.

            After the ship was taken out of service, her home port become Torshavn on the Faroe Islands.

            "Polarfront" is now owned by the French company Latitude Blanche, and is registered in Marseille.
            The ship has been upgraded, but can only takes 12 passengers on their trips.
            A trip around Svalbard costs approximately 80,000 - 100,000 Norwegian kroner depending on the cabins.

            "Polarfront" out from Tromsø last night with destination Bjørnøya.

            Best wishes from
            Bengt Domben