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    Viking Grace

    Today, 10 january 2013, Viking Line from Åland Islands took delivery of the new cruise ferry 'Viking Grace'. The vessel is the largest passenger ship in the world operated with LNG.
    A lot of both the technical and esthetical design solutions have caused a great deal of stir in the world of shipping. Now it's up to the community to say what they think of the ship. A Finnish company, dSign Vertti Kivi, mostly known for hotel design etc. are responsible for the very modern interiors. I guarantee, everyone will have some kind of opinion about the inside of the ship.
    Naming ceremony will be on Sunday and so will the maiden voyage.

    Picture courtesy of Viking Line:

    Official web-site:

    Swedish IT-website IDG has a extensive two part reportage about the technologies used in the ship (in Swedish):
    Not too often that you'll see a machine room on a IT-website?

    Re: Viking Grace

    Oooo...., nice ship!

    Though they've really choosed a strange place for a ship name, and appart from colours, it looks like a hurtigrute


      Re: Viking Grace

      Looks really nice but I would have loved the bow to be slightly larger... not much, just a little more bow.
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        Re: Viking Grace

        Well, now I have tested out this new creation, and what can I say - it's like no other ship. There are so many new ideas and features on board so that it's hard to describe all of them. So I just start with some general interior shots.

        One of the ships signatures is the three floor panorama window on port side. The lamps on the rods are slowly moving up and down and constantly changing colors.

        Classic plants in the sofas.

        The lighting of the ship is very variable and slowly changed during the hours of the day.

        Three decks high. This is deck 10, Sweet and Salty café on the left (SB side).
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          Re: Viking Grace

          On deck 10 you'll also find Café Retro:

          The entrance from fwd.

          And what a café. Looking fwd (opposite direction). On the SB side (right in the picture) there is a wonderful outer deck.

          Finnish design wont get any better. Whatever you think, there will be a lot of prizes won by this ship.

          Morning lights.
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            Re: Viking Grace

            On the same deck, on the other side of the center casing there's Rockmore bar:

            This is a really crowded place, when people pass aft to the nightclub. On the port side (right in the picture) there is similar outer deck as outside Retro café.

            Wall design.


              Re: Viking Grace

              In the aft of deck 10 and 11 you find Club Vogue, ships night and day club.

              One of the bars.

              Afternoon entertainment.


                Re: Viking Grace

                Evening lights.

                And daylight!

                View from deck 11, looking aft.

                Stairs to deck 11.


                  Re: Viking Grace

                  The conference lobby. The ships main information desk is to be found just outside the left edge of this picture, serving both passengers and conference guests.

                  Lamp shades. They look like sheet metal, but are actually made of plastic.

                  Deck 11.

                  Some more design elements commonly used in the ship: white vases, patterned metal, and cactuses (without those sharp things).


                    Re: Viking Grace

                    Just outside Lounge and restaurant Oscar, fwd deck 11.

                    Fooling around with my camera, reflections from a glass cupboard with golden bottles on display.

                    A fascinating lamp in the ceiling of the champagne lobby. Looks like a cloudberry.


                      Re: Viking Grace

                      One deck below Oscar you find buffé Aurora:


                        Re: Viking Grace

                        Striking ship, isn't it?

                        Flowers, Café Retro.

                        A rotating piece of art, deck 9.

                        Aula illumination.

                        More lighting.

                        These shapes are found in many shapes on board. I'll get back to them later.

                        The three staircases has their own colors.


                          Re: Viking Grace

                          Talking about staircases.

                          Same place - a other time.

                          The entrance to the Spa.


                            Re: Viking Grace

                            To wrap up, the design of the cabin corridors is tidy and refreshing.

                            I'll get back to some nice details later.

                            Color scheme study.


                              Re: Viking Grace

                              She looks fantastic Tommi - and she's on a beautiful crossing too. Was it really as quiet as it looks like? Hardly anyone to be seen!