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  • On 27 July 2015 the new owners (Absolute Nevada LLC., Las Vegas, Mr. Donald Hoffman since 05.2015)
    of ship announced that the ship would alternate between two roles. For part of the year the ship would travel as "World Odyssey" transporting "Semester at Sea" students; and for the other part of the year it would be chartered to the German cruise company Phoenix Reisen, sailing under its traditional "Deutschland" name. For this period the ship would carry two names, one for winter, other for summer.

    According cruise list to Tromsø harbor will "Deutschland" arrive Tromsø 25.05.17 and 19/06/17 (So we'll see whether this is correct or incorrect)

    I also see that the "Minerva" is no longer listed on the cruise list for Tromsø in 2017.
    The ship should have arrived to Tromsø 30.03.17, but is now gone from the list.
    She is laid up for the moment in Marseille (France) after the bankruptcy.

    "World Odyssey" is now traveling from Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) to Yangon (Myanmar) arrives 20.02.17

    This was new to me when I had no idea that they changed their name between summer / winter season.

    But according to the web site to Phoenix Reisen, "Deutschland" is scheduled for Kristiansund on this tour in May
    Fjord norwegen

    DEU013 | 7 Tage | 13.05.2017 - 20.05.2017
    Bremerhaven - Kristiansund - Eres- und Romsdalsfjord - Geirangerfjord - Alesund - Bergen - Bremerhaven

    This is probably old news for you, but I post it anyway

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    Best wishes from
    Bengt Domben


    • Sterkoder
      Sterkoder commented
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      This is new news to me, so thanks very much my friend :-)
      I knew about the cancelling of Minerva and Deuschland (on her first listed visit), but not the reason for Minerva.
      I really appreciate all kind of new like this.
      It looks like Deutschland will visit on 15th May then.

  • According to the Phoenix Reisen schedule for MS Deutschland she is at 8th of May arriving Bremerhaven finishing a fully booked cruise from Hamburg - Portsmouth - Lissabon - Agadir - Las Palmas - Funchal - Leixoes(Porto) - St. Malo(Bretagne) - Bremerhaven

    At 15th of May she will reach Kristiansund with an up to now nearly fully booked cruise from Bremerhaven - Kristiansund - Eres- und Romsdalsfjord - Geirangerfjord - Alesund - Bergen - Bremerhaven

    Your local newspaper must have very old information. Phoenix chartered MS Deutschland (winter name World Odyssey) for 5 summer seasons. I booked my parents-in-law on a baltic sea cruise during June. Especially German cruise fans have now the opportunity to do a cruise on the very famous TV luxury "Traumschiff" for an affordable price. Ir seems to me that this was a very successful idea. No latest news about any financial difficulties. The actually offer 22 cruises on MS Deutschland on their website.

    She will be at 28.05. in Trondheim (will Pakarang be fortunately in town?),
    29.05. in Alesund, 19.06. in Tromsoe, 27.06. Alesund again, and a few stops in 2018 are also already scheduled.
    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


    • Sterkoder
      Sterkoder commented
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      Thank you also to you, my friend Ralf.
      What bothers me now is that the newspaper got its info from "Cruise Kristiansund" and their CEO. It's rather strange that this organization didn't know about the summer booking of the "two-name ship" when they made their list.
      Anyway, it might have turned out easier to deal with a "dumb" journalist to say both vessels are withdrawn due to bankruptcy than to get into an explanation about summer- and winter bookings, two names on the one and same ship and so on... ;-)

  • I couldn't get off work to take pictures of MARCO POLO in heavy snow showers when arriving Kristiansund today, as this seasons first cruise call to this port.
    After work, I drove over to Innlandet to get the ship with a weather system passing in the background out in the Norwegian Sea.
    I kept my pictures a bit too dark, as I wanted to get the same mood in my pictures as I saw with my eyes. A special light as the sun set in the west (behind my back) lighting up clouds and showers in the east-north east (in the background of MARCO POLO). Enjoy

    And from the south side of the Sørsundet bridge, here's the "Pakarang View" for you


    • Ralf__
      Ralf__ commented
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      Strange views, as you would expect all the lights being on in this darkness. So it is a kind of unreal scenery. But this makes it very special. Again her elegant lines are very impressive. A beauty. Thank you for posting.

    • Tommi
      Tommi commented
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      Nice evening light!

  • As you point out, Ralf...., and a thing I didn't notice until you mention it here; MARCO POLO did not have a single light lit. Maybe that was what made the hole scenery so "moody"..., or maybe spooky? Look at my pictures in another way now. Thanks, Ralf, for pointing out

    'Galaxy': This thread has become a real important one for me, much thanks to your updates on page 1. How about you edit the title and delete the '2012' in it? Would make it more up to date.
    I also see the cruise organizers in Kristiansund managed to squeeze in a small boat at the 1st May of this year, as the expedition vessel SEA ENDURANCE will visit


    • nari
      nari commented
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      Very nice dreamy photos. I don't like the big ships but Marco Polo has elegant lines and just looks nice.

  • I have just been sitting here for over half an hour gazing at these special images, immersed in the mood. Your pictures say so much, Svein; all I want to say is thank you.


    • I'm sitting here with a little smile on my face, my friend Cecilia, because usually your comments are a bit longer and consist of comments in general and usefull phototechnical comments.
      But this time, and the reason for me smiling, I think of an old saying: "When Cecilia is lost for words and write short comments, your pictures are perfect"


      • Great pictures Sterkoder..... look forward to see more from this season The change of the name of this topic is sendt to Admin. so i guess we see a change soon


        • Sterkoder
          Sterkoder commented
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          Oh, I thought also the initial poster could change the heading/title. But anyway, thanks. Look forward to the season myself :-)

      • Title has been changed as per wishes!

        Wonderful images of the Marco Polo, Mr. Sterkoder!

        It's no secret at all that ocean liners and classical passenger ships like this are on borrowed time - as we know, the Vistafjord (OASIA) is currently on her final voyage to Alang. We will never know whether this will be the last visit or not of this fine veteran. I'm so glad you got to document it so well as you did.
        With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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        • This is the remainding calls for June from cruise ships to Kristiansund:

          27.06 : Silver Whisper
          28.06 : Viking Sea
          28.06 : Viking Star
          29.06 : Gann

          But today, we had the pleasure of having Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines M/S Balmoral here. And what a beauty she's become! I really like the blue/grey hull far more than the all white.
          Due to work I had no way to be around at her arrival, but after a couple of hours I drove in the company car to Nordlandet and Innlandet to photograph this ship in her (to me) new colors.
          I must say I was rather pleased with the old Pentax today, if I might say so myself.

          Oooops...! Seems like I had my camera on "cloudy" white balance on the next five pictures

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