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Ships & Boats in Aalesund 2018

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    And than from Grimmerhaugen, just before she departed:


      No this is not torpedo tubes:

      This is water scoops at the bow of the Live fish carrier Ro West


        HSC Godøy heading towards Vegsundet and onward to Øye in Hjørundfjorden:

        The tourist ferry Veøy on her way from Vegsund Slipp and returning to Geiranger for the season:

        HSC Nørvøy approaching Langevåg on her regular run from Ålesund:

        A RIB heading towards Nørvasundet:

        Several of these are used to carry tourists on exiting trips to Runde and Alnes etc.


          Glad to see the good-ol-gal Veøy is still running strong... wonder how many more seasons she gets to do at Geiranger?

          Probably not too many, as environmental concerns gain momentum.
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            The Coastal Authority's work vessel ONA seen alongside at the Storneset Fishery Pier with what looks like a small J/U work platform on the back deck:

            Not sure how they launch this platform (if that is what it is) but I'm curious enough to go have a look next time she is at their base here in Norvevika.

            ONA specs:


              A "Viking ship" under oar power heading to town:

              Their rowing technique left some to be desired.
              (They should have taken a lesson from the dragon boats and their use of drum beat to maintain discipline and rythme)

              The same boat I believe. Here seen in town a few days later:

              PS> I presume the paying "guests" gets to row the boat on their "ultimate viking tour".


                Car ferry Tysfjord leaving from Fiskerstrand:


                  Fish feed carrier Gaasoe Jarl heading towards Fiskerstrand:

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                    Trawler/seiner Roedholmen going back to the fishing grounds while flushing/cleaning tanks:

                    Trawler Ole Arvid Nergaard seen outbound on Valderhaugfjorden:


                      Eimskip's Polfoss outbound from Aalesund:


                        An interesting stowage solution for the dingy on this French sailboat:

                        A visitor from far away:

                        Another French visitor:

                        And from a close neighbour:

                        And an even closer neighbour:

                        The name Rembakk originally belonged to a rather famouse (at least locally) fishing vessel.


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                          Quite a long jaunt for the Sydney-based yacht, and yet such a voyage has been done umpteen times, mostly with safe arrivals at the end of the voyage.

                        Fish feed carrier Nyksund at Sjogata:


                          Did I mention that Hjorundfjorden is becoming more and more attractive as a tourist destination?
                          Here is a new HSC seen in Aalesund a few days ago:

                          They are offering 3xdaily trips from Aalesund to Oye, with stop in Trandal

                          Another newcomer to the tourist scene in Aalesund is this slick craft:

                          With two tiny Outboard motors suitable putter around the islands and fjords at a leisurely speed:


                            The Fjordkongen is back in town:

                            But I don't know for what purpose, since she have been tied up at Skutvikpiren for several days now.

                            A small live fish carrier by today's standard seen at Skansekaia:

                            She is far from home:


                              Some more sailboats visiting:

                              But not from as far away this time.

                              Also a motor yacht in the mid-range size and price: