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Ships & Boats in Aalesund 2018

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    Busy at the HSC terminal too.
    Rygercruise, still running to Godoya while the tunnel is under upgrading, is arriving:

    And leaving again a few minutes later:


      Followed shortly after by the Godoy in the Hareide run:

      A rather large Outboard motor on that little MOB-boat, me think:


        No need to tie up for such a short stop:

        Moving off, heading to Valderoya to drop off passengers going to the airport:


        And heading out Moljegapet:


          The brand new coastal tanker Kystbunker !! is a regular in her home port:


            The reefer ship Green Explorer has been waiting here for some days now:

            The Fishery Research vessel Gunnerius is around watching the Borgundfjord cod fisheries now going on:

            Seismic vessels Geo Caspian and Geco Bluefin are still laid up at the Volstad wharf in Slinningen:

            With the Rieber seismic vessel Polar Duke at the old Saltkompaniet:


              The aptly named Hydrographic vessel "Hydrograf" has been in Aalesund for a few days now.
              Seen here at Skansekaia, with on small boat alongside:

              On deck she carries another two boats of the same type:


                Whenever I see a long series of arrivals and departures from one port (usually Ålesund, courtesy Ombugge!) I try hard to imagine what it is like to be in the midst of all this ocean-going traffic. I do my best, but always fail. It beats watching the buses go by any time!

                "To thine own self be true.......
                Thou canst not then be false to any man."



                  Nice name for the litle one, Anda - The Duck.

                  If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you...


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                    To me it reminded me of Anda's "løkboller". The best in town in my youth.

                  Fishing boat heading for Vedde:

                  Obviously not loaded though.

                  Carferry Sand returning from trials:

                  Not built for beauty.


                    Oljevern 01 returning to Kystverket base, Norve:


                      I believe this sailboat may be Norwegian:

                      That flag is a bit big to be a "flag of courtesy".

                      Sponsor markings appears to confirm that:

                      While this one is advertising for old classic hotels in Norway:

                      Flag rules have apparently gone by the wayside.


                        The Bombus is back in town:

                        The training boat for the Fisheries School heading out to sea:

                        Good seamanship is obviously not something they teach, since the fenders are still hanging there while underway.


                          When it comes to Bombus, I would love to see a project here in Norway where house-boats can be tied up like we see a lot of places such as in Amsterdam for example.

                          I would love to have lived on the actual fjord in a nice, modern house boat.
                          With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                            Time for an update on ships and boats of all kinds seen in Aalesund lately.
                            Trawler/Seiner Leinebjorn in Borgundfjorden:

                            Heavily loaded Live fish carrier Oytind arriving:

                            Spanish Trawler Arosa Nueve returning for sea trial:


                              The Stokholm stopped over on her way to Svalbard for the season:

                              As did the Dutch sailing vessel Antigua: