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Ships & Boats in Aalesund 2018

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    Ships & Boats in Aalesund 2018

    A new thread for pictures of all ships and boats seen in Aalesund this year. (Cruse ships exempted

    Today, 06. Jan. was a fairly busy day, with three brand new Trawlers and a large Offshore Construction Vessel in town:

    Good old Gunnar Langva was also still in town.

    With a large tug thrown in. Here is Pakarang view of Boa Odin:

    And a stern view for good measure:

    The Alicia 2 has been sitting idle since she broke lay-up in Sept.

    Still no word on whether or when she will be heading to the US to prepare for her film career though

    But the star of the show today was the brand new and very large Trawler Nordtind, still fully dressed after her naming ceremony yesterday:

    Across the finger pier was another new German trawler Berlin:


      The Berlin has a sister, the Cuxhaven, moored at Sjogata.
      Seen here between the bow of Gunnar Langva and the stern of Nordtind:

      A closer look:

      And a near Pakarang view:

      And a better look at the Gunnar Langva:


        The Edda Freya is one of the largest Construction Support Vessels in the Norwegian fleet. She has spent a couple of weeks in Aalesund for some reason:

        Nice touch this rounded bridge wing:

        She has a 150 mt. Huisman Vertical Lay Tower for cables and coiled pipes:

        More to come in this thread as the weather and icy conditions improve.


          I find the hull-paint scheme of the Nordtind a little bit out of the ordinary - seen from a distance, it's almost working like dazzle-paint.... Interesting choice of pattern.
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          • ombugge
            ombugge commented
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            In that first picture you can see the development in vessel design and paint schemes. Just look at Nordtind and Gunnar Langva in the same shot.
            Of course these two vessels are designed and built for different fisheries, but there are also an age gap between them.

          • pakarang
            pakarang commented
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            Good point... when you mention it, and I'm looking for it, I can see that there is a clear evolution in design.

            The bows are becoming "straight" and there is clearly thought towards design and exterior look now.

          • ombugge
            ombugge commented
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            I don't know about the look bit. In my opinion the Gunnar Langva win in the look category by a good margin.
            But obviously the Nordtind is ahead on up to date design and efficiency, being a multi-task vessel for both fish and shrimp fishing with triple trawl system, able to process and deliver fresh and frozen fish.
            Gunnar Langva is a combined Seiner/Trawler for pelagic fish chilled in RSW tanks only.