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Unusual Vessels and other floating objects

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  • Unusual Vessels and other floating objects

    This one does not fit any "normal" classification. It is not a rig, although the hull is that of a CS 50 design semi-submersible drilling rig, but everything else is different, especially the purpose:

    I know there is another semisub in use as a launch platform for rockets, but I believe we have somebody on here that knows more about that one than me.

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    Not an unusual vessel, but an unusual use of a ship's horn:


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      You may have noticed Power Barges mentioned here on CVF before, but this is a Power Ship, claiming tho be the biggest in the world:


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        Come on the sea trial for the newly delivered Transocean Drill ship Deepwater Conqueror off Korea:
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          Are you sure? That link takes me to:

          "New Yorkers Trying Stinky Tofu For The Very First Time"

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          OOOps, another senior moment. Could someone be trying to tell me something?
          Now corrected. Hope you enjoyed the stinky tofu, though. It is an acquired taste.

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        If you haven't seen this on BBC, here is an amateur's view of an VLNG Carrier:
        A well known character from Top Gear is outside his comfort zone, but still doing some stints.


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          This one is an unusual sight these days: