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New Zealand Cook Strait Ferries

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  • New Zealand Cook Strait Ferries

    As I mentioned in another thread a few months ago we spent a some time in January visiting my daughter in New Zealand. We took the ferry from Pictpn in the south island to Wellington in the north island. The ferry we sailed on was the Interislanders Kaitaki ,( the one time Isle of Innisfree, Pride of Cherbourg, Stena Challanger) I've added 150+ pics here including lots of on board shots of Kaitaki. There's also lots of pics of the some of the other ferries on the route. Here's a few samples

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    Thanks Patrick for these photos. Cook Strait is one of the hairiest passages between two land masses, rather like the Drake or North Sea areas. These ships look quite sophisticated compared with those of the 70s and 80s and well able to withstand what the strait throws at them.


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      Thank you for these pictures.Ha! New Zeland, a place i'd like to go to.Hope I will some day.


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        Ahhh.... how wonderful. NZ is ana amazing place to cruise! I've been there a small handful number of times... and the memories are great.

        I remember one place in particular.... think it was called Bay of Islands... we docked there with the Royal Viking Sun in the early 1990's, and I recall that there was a gas-station near the dock selling SWEDISH "GB glass" icecreams. If my memory serves me right, the story was that a Swedish container ship made regular calls here, and they are the one which brought along the icrcream from Sweden.
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