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Norwegian Cruise Line and their Freestyle Cruising [NCL]

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  • More on the next "monstrosity":
    Why not just go to Disneyland, or something similar??


    • nari
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      Could not agree more. Not a sight for sore eyes or sanity.

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    Re: Norwegian Cruise Line and their Freestyle Cruising [NCL]

    quistion though,what is this,there are a camera and probally a infra red lamp.
    but only for keep an eye on the playground?
    and why the bleu steel bint below that?

    thanks Ombugge for answering this qiustion.
    point 2 in this movie
    Originally posted by ombugge View Post
    If you are not a cruiser, here is what you "miss" by not going:
    best regards Thijs


    • This is becoming routine viewing on CVF now, but it is worth watching again, if for nothing else, for the ship handling: ​
      The weather must be right. To do this with any kind of wind hitting against the broadside of this monster would be difficult due to the limited thruster power available to use in such shallow and narrow waters. (Notice a small tug being swamped by the thruster wash while passing one of the bridges at 4:55)
      Even worse would be gusty wind, with the wind load factor changing in seconds.

      PS> They must have reached the size limit with this one. (Three more of the same to go)


      • Ralf__
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        You are right, the width of 41,4 meters seems to be the limit.
        However, the "Quantum of the Seas" was even 20 meters longer: 348 meter instead of 325.

    • Norwegian Star in Ponta Delgada, Azores, 26 April 2016

      Waking early on my last morning aboard Serenissima in Ponta Delgada, I looked out of my cabin window and was confronted by this!

      I dressed and headed up the stairs to Serenissima's aft deck for a better view.


      • Zooming in for some closer views:


        • Up again and forward I couldn't get the whole of Norwegian Star on one photo at the wide end of my zoom range...

          ...but up on the bridge wing it was just possible!


          • After breakfast, Serenissima's guests disembarked and set off on an excursion with lunch provided at a local restaurant. The group then checked in at the Hotel Marina Atlantico for one night - an arrangement made a month or so earlier following changes in the flight schedule to Lisbon. I was thrilled by my room with its balcony and sea and harbour view. Here is my balcony view of Norwegian Star. The other ship is Zuiderdam.

            This is also taken from my hotel balcony! I would have needed very little persuading to extend my trip here watching the ships of the day coming and going.


            • Finally a stroll along the promenade with ship views...

              ...and ice creams!


              • Thank you so much for sharing the images of Norwegian Star!

                I often catch myself thinking what my life would have been like had I never resigned from NCL.... I would be one of the "oldies" there, and I bet my life would be so different.

                But as you, Lady C, I also prefer Serenissima over the Star!
                With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                • Norwegian Cruiseline's new ship, Norwegian Bliss comes with something new :. A 300 meter long racing track with electric gocarts.



                  If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you...


                  • pakarang
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                    What struck me in a rendering I saw online was that I hope the railings are strong enough to withstand a hit so that the carts don't go flying overboard. That would most likely put a damper on the rest of the cruise.