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    Since I'm no longer involved with this type of operations, this is the best I can do.

    The Aasta Hansteen spar has arrived in Norway and will be discharged from Dockwise Vanguard in the nearest few days (weather permitting).
    Here is an article from TU with video of the Loadout in Korea the discharging in Hoylandsbygd and the intended upending operation in Klosterfjorden:


      Another big operation in progress: Installation of the Mariner deck structure off Shetland:


        A large new field is under development in the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea at the moment.
        Here is the first jacket being launched and placed in position by SSCV Thialf:
        Been there, done that.


          Pioneering Spirit removing the Brent Delta topsides:


            The fore half of FPSO BW Catcher was built in Goseong. S.Korea and transported to Singapore for mating with the aft part, before being towed to the Catcher Field Offshore Norway on completion.
            This video shows:
            - World's heaviest transport by self-propelled modular transport (SPMT), with total 324 axles,
            - Lunching by Floating dock ,
            - Loading and transport from Korea to Singapore on HLV Osprey


            PS> I'm a little surprised they did not show clearly that the transporters set the cargo on blocks in the floating dock and moved off before tow-out and submerging.

            PPS> I don't know much space was available at either side between the transporters and the blocks here, but I was involved in a loadout in Japan and discharging in Saudi Arabia of a 1500 m.t. module where the clearance on either side was 2".

            The SPMT used in Saudi was especially impressive, since it had "balloon tiers" on all 64 axles and was able keep the bed level for roadless desert transport. It was nicknamed "Little Big Ben" and made 1.5 mph at max speed. (That was back in 1976)

            The HLV used was very basic and only 2002 DWT, belonging to West India Line, West Palm Beach, Fl.
            Not this one but a sister ship:
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