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    Thank you for that, Yves. When you gave the translation of Ar Men I immediately thought of our term "menhir" for standing stones, and on checking Wiki I saw that it gave the derivation as Middle Breton.
    That first film of the storm was quite alarming with the lighthouse at times disappearing in the waves smashing against the rock on which it stood.
    Yes, our Bishop Rock lighthouse off Land's End had to take on the relief keeper and all stores in the same manner as shown in the second film. Once when I was holidaying in the Scillies I did the launch trip out to the Rock. Not long after we started it began to rain, just pelting down, so the skipper gave the few brave souls on this expedition a tarpaulin to shelter under. We huddled together completely unable to see where we were going because the downpour never stopped until we were almost there. Then the skipper gave us a shout to say the rain had almost petered out. We emerged and I couldn't believe my eyes, for there was the lighthouse right in front of us. We held off, bouncing about at a safe distance, and watched as they took their stores on board much as was shown in the film. There was no relief keeper to exchange that day but it was still exciting to watch.
    It must have been a strange life, manning a lighthouse. Not a job that just anyone could do.

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      Few pics of Finnmark lighthouses from June 2010

      Bøkfjord Lighthouse

      Hornoya Vardo Lighthouse

      Makkaur Lighthouse


        Thank you for looking these out Patrick - enjoyable compilation.



          Between Molène and Ouessant in the Fromveur strait (Brittany) Kéréon was built (1907-1916) on a rock called Men Tensel (pierre hargneuse in French, vicious stone in English).
          Here the currents are always strong and the storms could be a hard experience for the keepers.
          It was financed with a donation by the granddaughter of Charles-Marie Le Dall de Kéréon a marine officer died during the Revolution, hence its luxurious interior decoration: mosaics, oak floor decorated with a compass card in mahogany and ebony, wainscot of Hungarian oak.
          Since the automation (2004) it is still heated and dried and regularely visited by a staff of maintenance.
          The photos below are by Jean Guichard.


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            Saw it in the distance on the way to Ouessant. Will have to take a closer look next time.

          Andenes lighthouse on Andoy. Not sure if it's still the case but you could visit it. Just collect the key at the nearby tourist office.


            Thank you for these, Patrick, and what a fascinating history the Kéréon lighthouse has. The panelling and floor mosaic are superb, aren't they?

            "To thine own self be true.......
            Thou canst not then be false to any man."


              Just back after a great holiday in New Zealand visiting our daughter. I,ve put some lighthouse pics I took up on Flicker. Here's a few of them


              Manukau Heads Lighthouse

              Pencarrow Old and New Lighthouse

              Point Kean Kaikoura

              Katiki Point Moreaki

              Bean Rock Lighthouse Auckland


                Old scanned slides from isle of Ouessant

                Le Stiff


                La Jument


                  Isle of Ouessant is a place I remember as well from navigating around these waters with various cruiseships. Never been ashore there, as of yet.
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                    Pointe du Raz, Brittany.
                    In the foreground La Vieille (1886)
                    Background, lighthouse of island of Sein, Goulenez (1839, rebuilt 1950)
                    Extreme background Ar Men (1881).

                    DSC05229 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr


                    A very typical Swedish lighthouse, Kapellskär:

                    103A6045 by Tommi Rotonen, on Flickr