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Crystal Love Stories contest--I NEED YOUR HELP

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    Crystal Love Stories contest--I NEED YOUR HELP

    Ok, MUSTER TIME!!!!

    I need everyone's help!!!!! I've written an essay in Crystal Love Stories essay contest. The winner gets a cruise for two and we all know that SOMEONE who administers this site not only NEEDS a cruise, and DESERVES a cruise, but would DEARLY LOVE a cruise on Crystal!

    And I KNOW that every member here would like to see the Captain and me finally get to meet one another, right???????????

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, follow the link below, read the essay, and if you are so inclined, vote for ME ME ME!!!!

    I Just Haven't Met You Yet

    Yes, this is blatant self-promotion, begging, cajoling, nagging, poking, nudging, SCREAMING, and anything else you want to call it. But it's for the Captain.

    Pass this along to anyone you think might even POSSIBLY vote for me.

    Heck, it's not a vote for's a vote for Captain's Voyage...and Captain Storli!!!

    Thanks in advance...Love you guys!!!

    Re: Crystal Love Stories contest--I NEED YOUR HELP

    Hi EHP, i read your story and voted and shared it on my facebook page. I found it quite moving.

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