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    Re: Forum Board Updates

    hello Jan-Olav

    i sepect that we as members don't see those bugs,i mean i never had any problems,but what is need to be done ,is need to be done.
    well, what can i say,i hate new things,have to learn the new stuff,but after some months i will know how it runs.

    we wait and will see.
    best regards Thijs


      Re: Forum Board Updates

      Just to clarify - the change is not massive, but I honestly think that there will be an easier lay-out than now.

      The familiar colors of the board will be adjusted as I get into the new control panel.

      Cleaner, friendlier .... and finally, the FB / Twitter-integration will hopefully work too.

      One of the biggest bugs have been "new members sign up".... there is SUDDENLY 35.600 new registrations to check and approve....!!!

      With 4-5 minutes to check each one - that will be ..... about the rest of my life to check them out...... I think I'll jump off the bridge instead.
      With kind regards,

      Jan-Olav Storli
      Administrator and Owner CaptainsVoyage Forum /

      Main page:
      Old forum:


        Re: Forum Board Updates

        We appreciate all that you do Jan-Olav - we look forward to seeing what changes in the new version.

        As you know, there are several of us that are happy to help in any way we can.

        In the meantime - many, many thanks.



          Re: Forum Board Updates

          wow 35.600 new members,we are one of the biggest forums.
          J-O there are members that wil help you to run this forum,let them help you.
          best regards Thijs


            Re: Forum Board Updates

            Thank you very much for the work that you put into running this forum. Your efforts are truly appreciated.
            Upgrading is essential, since every system has it's own built in flaws. Based on previous experiences, one usually gets used to new layouts pretty fast, especially if they're more modern and easy. I guess that many of us are checking in using different mobile devices, and that could actually cause some headache since every one of them are displaying pages a bit differently.
            Looking forward to the careful evolution.


              Re: Forum Board Updates

              You’ll have got an e-mail, but just to say here that I truly do appreciate and understand the enormous amount of effort and work you put in.


                Re: Forum Board Updates

                Jan-Olav, don't worry about us.

                Of course i was a little bit shocked, when i managed to get WiFi on a remote campsite in Scotland to realise that the forum was closed down. But what has to be done, must be done and it will always be the wrong moment for some. We will get used to a new look and new functions, for sure it will then be easier for our FB posters to copy in. Please continue to publish your account list as you have done in the past, this gives a clearer picture for those who want to contribute, you know there are some.

                And as the others stated, delegate some of the work to be done to those who committed to help.

                You are doing a great job, maybe you will feel even happier as teamplayer.
                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                  Re: Forum Board Updates

                  again a bug?why, whats the fun to put in a bug,are those people jalous that they cant have fun,or belong to such a forum family.
                  best regards Thijs


                    Re: Forum Board Updates

                    Dear friends, dear members,

                    Stay tuned for an important update on the progress! Coming soon, right here! It's important.
                    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                    Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                    Main page:

                    Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                      I have a serious question and perhaps I may also call it a concern.

                      What is the future of CaptainsVoyage Forum?

                      I would love to see all of your opinions here, whether they are good or bad. Times are changing, and forums heydays are long gone already. People communicate across a range of other platforms now, platforms that are way better integrated in peoples life and much easier to use.

                      I see and have seen for a very long time, that we are a very few active members here, and over the past years it has remained so. Sadly, it is likely not going to change any time soon.

                      I sometimes feel it is a waste of time posting here myself, because it doesn't any longer generate any responses or reactions. If I'm feeling this way, I know some others may also be feeling the same thing, am I right?

                      Even though Facebook is also dying according to some medias, I wonder if we should we create our own group on Facebook instead?

                      I don't see myself as an active user of Facebook, and will most likely not turn into one sometime soon. But on Facebook, we have a much larger audience that we can reach, and the possibility to reach so many more. People that would never sign up to a relatively quiet forum-board. They say, it's all so easier being on Facebook: everybody is there, and you can share images so easily.

                      Some may say that we are a great family, and I strongly think we are. We have always been a great family. The CVF family is the best family in the world. We have had a lot of great moments together over the years. I have learned a lot and I love all of you as my own family.

                      I'm asking you all this now, because in less than half a year, our annual subscriptions will be due again. We have some time to make up our mind. I spend a lot of time every day worrying about this and I spend a lot of time thinking about what would be the best way ahead.

                      My intention to this post is not to upset anyone, but we need to have a serious talk on what to do onwards. I don't see anyone advertising our board or any of the threads, and while there are a LOT of readers, extremely few sign up. And if they do sign up, they never come back after registering. I have approved a lot of requests, but I seldom see them post anything after signing up.

                      We have a lot of unused threads and sections, and I don't ask anyone to open them again. We are just not that many people left here. A lot of the images of the majority of the threads have disappeared to for example the Photobucket ransom a while ago. That makes the threads not interesting any longer to most people. The historical material we have so diligently accumulated, has vanished over time.

                      Please enlighten me, I'm open to all thoughts, prayers and solutions. How do YOU see our journey into the future, what is your thoughts on the community we created, and what should we do in the future?

                      We need to have a clear vision and path. We need to make plans for the seas ahead. We need to also tackle these difficult questions. There is no way around it.
                      With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                      Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                      Main page:

                      Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                        though facebook is much more easy in use and connecting people easyer, the fun and pleasure that was here was better.
                        here (or any forum) it's more family. more of a steady group of friends with the same interests.
                        were there is easy to find them in seperate threads. where it's easy to find a image.
                        at facebook it's just a reply at someones post, images hard to find again.
                        and yes also guests can easy sign in, gave a like or reply or just look in.
                        in a forum you have your own thread about a subject and is easy to continnieu
                        i came here mainly for the vessels and the ss Norway.
                        on facebook there is a ss Norway group with much more images and replies that here.
                        your hope to make CVF the biggest ss Norway enceclopidea had lost that against the fb group
                        as i said before i've lost interest here too, it's more a travel forum now as a vessel/ maritime forum,
                        replies of the family members are hard to find, and the active memmbers are maybe 10,and i am less active too last time.
                        why spending time ? no one replies anyhow. or hardly anyone.
                        face it, we have killed our own family.

                        i still think a forum is so much nicer as facebook for family contact, but as the family wont be there anymore ,whats left?

                        i hardly ever made any advertise of the forum, (well i do drive for about 9 years with our vessel on my truck) because nobody knows me here before.
                        if i mentioned at which forum i am they could see my horrible english and i was at more forums,but truck model building forums.
                        also english one. and they laught and complained about my english.
                        also friends i have are not into vessels which was my maincore to come here.
                        also for some was the problem of the english language (like cornel and Marijke),
                        here nothing about that ,i was welcome here and no one laught about my typo's.
                        i felt welcome then.
                        in that time there was a group about 30-40-50 members talked about everything ,placed images about everything.
                        we were a community then.

                        i mis those times,
                        what ever time i got home, Always the same rituel.
                        open the laptop, and go to CVF.
                        place my meal into the microwave,
                        and eat and reply at the same time at CVF
                        many times happens that i was eaten a could meal
                        now i'm not open the laptop anymore, take a quick look at the smartphone

                        you had ask the quistion before,should we open a facebook acount?
                        we had that, it was closed again, same reason as on the forum. no interaction between members
                        with the difference that we could ''like'' someones a reaction.
                        a meaningless reaction.
                        when i place 20 images i get 20 likes in 10 seconds, meaning they just click ''like''

                        i'm using picture push as image uploader, cost me 12 euro a year, no problem . but why should i keep on gooing with that ?
                        ( have to, i 'm stil on the modelbuilders group) but when i stop the images here would be gone too.

                        it's sad that it's less and less here, but for those which know how it was here, won't find that at facebook.

                        i was a few times close to sign off, but Ivy got me so far to stay every time.
                        so still here, but hardly an active member anymore
                        best regards Thijs


                          Thank you so much for your honest reply, Thijs.

                          I'm so honored and happy that I have been able to meet you, through CVF. You are an amazing person and I don't mind your English is not perfect. I still understand what you are trying to say.

                          I agree, it is not a comfortable question to ask, about where do we go?

                          But it is a discussion we need to seriously take.

                          I also remember the forum a decade ago: alive and so much fun, with lots of users and activity. Then, forums and web-boards became out of date. Almost like dinosaurs, and we kept hanging on, but only by as tiny thread.

                          We have had a lot of fun here, through the years. I feel honored to. having met so many wonderful people here. Your patience and friendships have meant a lot to me, during the many highs and lows of life.

                          Sadly, the reality is hitting us. Nobody seems to like what we share and post. Even though it is easy to click "LIKE", it still gives us the feeling of appreciation. Right? Like posting is worth the time and effort, someone actually wants to see and read what we post.

                          I hope we can have a healthy discussion now on what we are going to do.

                          I also understand that this kind of post might also deter new posts being created, but we still need to take this hard discussion.

                          In conclusion, I'm so eternally grateful for everything we have shred and created here. I have had so many thousand great hours of entertainment and education being on CVF.

                          I'm truly open to your thoughts, suggestions and honest opinions now.
                          With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                          Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                          Main page:

                          Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                            There currently seems to be a lot of changes in the world.
                            Taking a very local view, this week at least four (!) different shops in the Strängnäs city center made an anouncement about that they are closing business.

                            A few days ago I saw that one of the oldest forums that I have been a member on, the Swedish maritime forum "Landgången" is closing in a couple of months. I think that it has been online since early 2000, or something similar (however, the early years archives are offline since long).

                            Even the activities on facebook seems to decrease, even if it still is a very powerful community, especially if one wants to gather a quick local event.

                            When it comes to CVF, I'm constantly struggling to find some time to do updates. Even if it's seldom nowadays that someone comments, I know that you are reading.
                            It's more and more seldom that I go back to the earlier posts and re-cap things. We would really need to be more active people to keep the forum alive, otherwise it will degrade to a dusty, but still a very interesting, archive.

                            Honestly, I don't know what the next step should be. To be very realistic, the forum don't no longer offer the "payback" for the time spent posting content. But still, it keeps us together. Maybe it would be worth to try to create a group on the facebook mainly for us "hard core fans", just to keep the contact even if the actual forum closes?
                            IF there should be a decision to close, my opinion is that we perphaps should disable the possibility of making new posts, and keep the forum online as an archive for one more year. That way there's a possibility to make a "soft closing" without the material going offline at once.

                            Looking forward to read more opinions.


                              Yup, no easy answer from me either. It would be such a shame to lose the 'body of knowledge' that we have on the site, but there are fewer people making fewer posts now.

                              I so wish that VBulletin hadn't (intentionally?) chosen a format that meant that we have to keep going with their software. Until vB4 we could have transferred to a free bit of software so that the only cost would have been renewing the domain (several of you have seen that I've got a copy of the 'old' forum, up to a couple of years ago, running on freeware software), but that wasn't what they chose to do. That and the Photobucket situation are probably the major drivers for me wondering whether the time has come to call it a day. Not a nice thought.

                              BUT, as Thijs and Tommi have said, I don't want to lose contact with those of you that do contribute regularly. I'm not really planning to move to FB though, never have got on with that.




                              • nari
                                nari commented
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                                It would be unfortunate, I think to move to FB -I know the clientele is different and rather anti-science; they annoy me no end. It would be sad for this forum to have to deal with that. However - times are a'changing, and who knows.....let's hope for the better.

                              First of all: What you are thinking about the activity, is right.

                              Since the forum had it's relaunch in 2008, we lost about 50% of the active members and now we are a community of about 30 members.
                              There will be various reasons, why Antias, ArcticGateway, Billplumtree, Binnenvaart, Brander, CarinaHansen, EHH, Ecureilix, Eirik, Esk1ld, Eilun, Germen, Gestumblindi, HurtigruteHelge, HurtigruteMartin, TNAalesund, TheSeaOtter, Speedbird, Sigve, Sarnia, SaintsFCfan (+), Norseman, Nordscott, MrsLinarcos, Linray, Kiki42n and Keelson are not participating anymore, but to be honest, it was already before very familiar. I remember this discussion is repeating and came up soon after the relaunch, when we lost also a number of active members...
                              During the same period we gained only 2 new active members.

                              Well, here are my thoughts about it.

                              1. Moving to FB?
                              For me no option. FB is without structure and without intelligence. FB is superficially and would never allow and create such discussions we have. FB is not intimate or private. Yes, even in the internet. You have to be member in our community to place comments. You can be banned by the administrator from our forum. This is the guarantee for the polite and friendly atmosphere we have. In FB we don't have this possibility. I will leave, if we move to FB and remain only a reader.

                              2. Push the "Reset" button?
                              When we all joined the forum, we were drawn into it because of some research reasons, in my case MS Lofoten and Hurtigruten. Many others came over the "Norway/France" and similar topics.

                              Nowadays there are nearly none such threads active anymore. Well - we just found out nearly all about it and these threads are.... long, very long and confusing.
                              We became a private club, because we are discussing private affairs. Only Ombugge is constantly trying to start new topic or discussions, but often they are very local in Norway or in Asia and i am not able to join in. A very thrilling thread "what place is this" became also boring, because we are such pro's today, that we will solve each puzzle within minutes - or post unsolvable puzzles, which are lacking any hint.

                              Maybe it is better to cut the old posts away (mostly anyhow meanwhile without pictures) and concentrate on new ones? Get rid of threads without traffic?
                              Maybe we could even change the structure. Have a look at the German Hurtigforum:
                              they make a difference: Forum for dicussion, WIKI, for information and a picture corner. Could that be a good idea?
                              And - important - we should open some new and interesting threads - open for everyone and new discussions.
                              There are so many new topics: Havila, Arctic Explorer Cruises, the big cruise liners, the new planned road along the west coast of Norway and and and...

                              3. The essence of that all...
                              Yes, we are family! And we should keep that. We are open to give our money as contribution to the forums costs, so that should be no argument.
                              So lets keep and behave familiar, but let us open also our minds and discussions for all the visitors, inventing them more to join in than today.

                              Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                              • Linray
                                Linray commented
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                                Hi, I'm still here and do read the forum nearly every day. Most of my posts in the past have been photos and have found posting using flickr a bit complicated and that is the real reason I haven't posted for a long time. I wish there was an easier way to post photos! Having recently been to the Far East I have particularly enjoyed the threads relating to Thailand, in fact went through a lot of them for ideas before we went..