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Member profiles : Ensure they are updated and completed.

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    Member profiles : Ensure they are updated and completed.

    Member profiles : Ensure they are updated and completed.

    Dear members,

    Not that we want to know everything about who comes here to our friendly family, but it is always nice if all members would take some time to check their user profiles and update/ fill in their informations.

    Particularly, location and contact addresses.

    This enhances the feeling of togetherness and better the overall quality of our dear family.

    As you can see from the picture below, there are several buttons automatically added to each post. Hover your marker above and you will find their meaning.

    I have added my Skype address to my profile as well, and if anyone needs to get in touch with me and if you are connected with Skype, you will easily be able to contact me right away as long as I'm logged in at Skype.

    If you haven't tried Skype yet, it's maybe time to give it a try: It's a relatively small program (2,2 Mb) and very easy to use: works very much in the same way as Microsoft's MSN but with the added feature of much easier live-calls.

    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

    Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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    Good idea! And, once everyone downloads skype, we can figure out a time for all of us to have a conference call!! wouldn't that be cool?
    Key there, J-O--you have to be LOGGED IN to skype