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    CaptainsVoyage Forum for iPHONE and ANDROID phones

    CaptainsVoyage Forum for iPHONE and ANDROID phones

    We have been looking into some sort of platform to make CVF available on smart phones, and now, vBulletin has come with a solution for us.

    I was tipped about a program called Tapatalk, but after signing up with them, we have been under constant attack by hackers and spammers. Each day, I now have to wade through hundreds of new sign-up requests from spammers. Tapatalk is really horrible in the way that we now have more spammers trying to sign up than ever before....

    I'm therefore looking into the vBulletin Mobile Solution.

    But before doing so, I need to ask all of you if this is something you would use?

    There is a 99$ charge for me to download it and make it available to all of you, therefore, I do not want to spend more money on this already costly forum with something that we do not want.
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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    Not something i would use, mainly because i do not have a smart phone. I wonder if any other members have any experience of accessing forums via a phone app? I wonder how practical it would be in it's use.

    I guess the amount of interest that this thread generates will give you the answer on whether or not it's worth the extra $99.
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      I shouldn’t really be replying to this as I don’t have a smart phone, but just so you know I at least thought about it...
      From what I recollect when out and about with Sterkoder last summer, he could already read posts on CVF but not post himself. If I did have a smart phone I would feel that was sufficient because unlike other forums, so much of the delight of CVF is in the photos as well as more lengthy posts.

      Even though I can both read and post on my iPad running Safari, I still like to re-look at everything once back to base.


        I have a mobile but, like many women it's just for use in the car in an emergency. I can access the web OK but never do when out and about, and whether I could post I don't know - never tried. In Oz I just used an internet cafe for emailing. Now that I have my netbook that would be with me when on holiday and I'd use that.
        Just seen the heading for this thread. Mine's neither an iPhone nor Android, so maybe it's not "smart" enough anyway!
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