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    Have you experienced anything like my problem at #88, Kiki?

    "To thine own self be true.......
    Thou canst not then be false to any man."


      Hi ivy , I added a comment on your #88 dont know whether there is anything there you dont already know.. xx

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        Hi, Kiki, you are the only one who has responded positively to my query, many thanks.
        I use Norton and have always found it excellent, but I think most of the big names in antivirus programs are probably equally efficient - they've got to sell them! However, it now seems not to be a virus/bug of any kind, just an incompatiblity matter.
        As I said at the end of my earlier post everything suddenly righted itself after I had closed the Bucket thread, But alas, yesterday and today Firefox still hung when going online for the first time, although, most importantly, the delay between my clicking or using the keyboard and things appearing onscreen has disappeared. That was the most infuriating thing and occurred wherever I was, not just on CVF, where vBulletin has its own idea of "speed"! So it seems that I cannot blame Photobucket itself for the problem as I had stopped it loading. Maybe one of the ads. on that site was the root of it.
        I have just gone into the list of Firefox add-ons that are installed and got the full version details of the Shockwave one. Google then came up with the Firefox support forum and apparently mine is a fairly common problem with that particular Shockwave version viv-a-vis the present Firefox version. Several solutions were given but I don't have the guts to try them out! Perhaps I could try it out on my old XP machine, although the problem may not arise there. At least I might have the courage to try out the recommended solution!
        As to Photobucket itself, I use it basically for the CVF puzzle thread, as I said, and find it very wayward in its operation. All my own pics. are on Flickr. But after several years of stability and clean, easily usable layout that now shape-changes regularly - they have to keep the "techies" busy on something. The beta version appears, then it is made permanent, then immediately come changes so you are constantly thinking "How the devil do I do this now?"
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        "To thine own self be true.......
        Thou canst not then be false to any man."


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          Hi Ivy... When you mention adverts thats where a lot of problem occur, because my mcAfee blocks a lot of them .. I update Adobe , and Java . Although most are updated automatically , My McAfee also does a check and tells if any haven't been done. I would have a bash at the solutions, the easiest one first .lol I agree with Steve B Photobucket is a mess now.. I just add photos and put them nowhere, just bucket uploads. I only use Photobucket for CV Forum. Ihope things improve for you... x

        Ivy, have you checked what version of flash you are currently running with Firefox? - That page should tell you what version you have currently, and what version you should be running.

        I have known out dated versions of flash to cause some problems, but never to the extent you have been experiencing. But it is always wise to keep it up to date, especially now that so many websites use flash as part of their page make up.

        And i know what you mean about sites like flickr and photobucket constantly changing - normally for the worst i might add. Yes, they like to keep their techs busy - normally busy ruining what was a perfectly good site before they started to play with it. i know photobucket's site is just a mess, each page running multiple scripts, most of them not doing what they are supposed to be doing! I always have a problem when i upload to a folder, i have the folder supposedly set to arrange images by date added, but when i add new images, they hardly ever appear in the order they should, i often find that many images i upload often take an hour or two to actually appear in the right place. I often have to resort to using the 'Recently Uploaded' button to find the images. The whole site is a mess since they changed it.

        I think these sites have attempted to make the sites friendly to all the different platforms that are used now - tablets, phones, sadly that leaves the poor old laptop and pc users with a site that is no longer designed solely with that platform. End result - a mess where anything can happen!

        Anyway, hope you get your problem sorted, no doubt you have done a full scan with Norton? And whilst on the subject of Norton, do you know if it's updated it's actual program lately? Nortons always be known for being a bit of a resource hogger, i have worked on machines where Norton itself had brought the poor old pc down on it's knees. Anti-virus programs these days can really slow down or even cripple older machines if all the functions of the program are turned on. I wonder if Norton might have recently updated it's program? Some new function could be causing issues for your laptop.

        One last thought - well off the topic of photobucket, but hey ho, in for a penny, in for a pound. Do you ever run a malware program? I can thoroughly recommend 'MalewareBytes', their free version does a fantastic job of hunting down all the nasty little things that slip by the normal anti-virus programs. i always recommend anyone to run a malware scan once in a while.
        Your charts, your radar, your eyes and ears - if all 4 agree, you may proceed with caution.


          Thanks, Kiki for your encouragement. I might pluck up courage! xx
          Steve, many thanks for your post, so good to see you again. I went to your link and my Flash is the correct one for me. It's always asking to update itself anyway. Then I did a full system scan, no problems apart from 23 tracking cookies which I told it to scotch. There are always a few of those when Norton does its regular scans and I always get rid of them. However, I'm not sure what you mean by Norton updating its programme. I had a look at its schedule, which seems to be much the same as always, but I'm not sure what sort of thing I'm looking for as the programme.
          I've made a note of MalewareBytes in my "How To" notebook for future reference, thanks for that. But I think the problem lies with the incompatibility issue. I will wind up the old XP machine, get it to update everything in sight, including Firefox as I don't think it has the current version. By the way, this latest v. has got rid of the Firefox favicon. You could see what v. you had by right clicking that. Now you can't because the favicon isn't there, so I don't really know what I've got. EVERY website has one, what the devil are they playing at? And they've made the tabs the same dreary grey colour as the background. And... and.....and..... BAH!
          Also, Steve, as Shockwave seems to be a problem area, if I remove it will disaster befall me?

          "To thine own self be true.......
          Thou canst not then be false to any man."


            Not sure about Shockwave, Ivy. Do you mean the shockwave player rather than the flash player? I do not have the shockwave player installed, so cannot say if you would miss it. But i have obviously never had need for it myself, or at least not for a very long time. But if you mean the 'shockwave flash player' plug-in for firefox, yes, you certainly need that for watching videos on channels like Youtube.

            When i mention your Norton updating it's program, i mean the actual software itself, not the virus definitions. Just like Firefox will go and update itself behind your back if you let it. I use Avast anti-virus, and that will update it's program automatically if i let it. I tend not to let many programs update themselves, i rather they let me know - then it's my choice. This way i can avoid nasty surprises - like the latest Firefox, A friends pc kindly presented her with the latest version a while back. I was soon summoned to install the previous version again! But, back to Norton, i was just wondering if the software had done an auto-update which added a ton of different features and automatic scans without you knowing. If so maybe something there could be causing you an issue.

            Another thought, have you tried clearing your cache? You may have something corrupt in there that is being called upon.

            I know how annoying those hangs can be, i remember having a similar issue a year or so ago, and like you i always noticed the page was waiting for so and so (can't remember what, but i know it was always the same thing). Sadly, neither can i remember the solution. So no help there i am afraid.
            Your charts, your radar, your eyes and ears - if all 4 agree, you may proceed with caution.


              Well Steve, I've confused myself and you over Shockwave, but apparently I'm not alone. Scanning the Firefox Support pages I read one questioner saying that Firefox Plug-ins show Shockwave Flash v...... but Adobe lists it as Adobe Flash Player, same version number. He goes on to say that another version is listed by Adobe as Adobe Shockwave Player. A Support answer was that Shockwave Player is the Adobe Flash Player, whereas the Adobe Shockwave Player is a different plug-in once known as Shockwave for Directors and is hardly used now. Yep, OK, if they say so! The relevant ding-dong battle is at
              The page your link led to was for the Adobe Flash Player and apparently I have the correct v. This is listed in my Uninstall page as Adobe Flash Player 14 Plug-in, downloaded 17 June this year. No mention of Shockwave Player or plug-in anywhere. But Firefox Add-ons Manager shows that I have Shockwave Flash v. downloaded, yes! 17 June.
              Whatever it is, might this be the culprit? I can't remember when the hanging problem first arose as it happened only now and again in the past, but my PM to Thijs about the end of June moaning about it suddenly occurring daily on first going online, plus the time-lag issue, indicated that the worsening could have occurred about the time of the update.
              As I said, I'm going to see if I can reproduce the problem on my old XP machine and then, if so, try out one or two of the suggestions. I'm very nervous about altering anything or disabling things, though part of me longs to monkey about with the computer. If I mess up the old XP machine it won't matter.
              By the way, through delving into Firefox I have found that I can revert to the old classic style appearance, including the favicon. Something else to try out on old XP.
              The hanging seems to now be alternate days, by the way!

              "To thine own self be true.......
              Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                I think your right not to go changing any settings, you don't want to be breaking something that is not broken! And yes, there is always confusion when it comes to the flash player and the shockwave player, the confusion is their own doing (Adobe) by calling them both shockwave. I would be surprised if you had the old shockwave player installed, it's not something that comes with Firefox normally. Not sure what it is used for these days, i have certainly not come across anything that's needed it.

                If it is the flash player causing issues, i would not worry, as you know, it's always updating itself, so no doubt any problem is likely to be whacked on the head very soon anyway. But i doubt it's flash causing your issues, i would be more inclined to think something in your firefox cache is corrupt. If you do want to rule out the flash player, just switch it off from your add-ons menu - setting it to never activate should disable it, or setting it to 'ask to activate' may help decide if it's causing the issues you are having. If firefox prompts you to activate the flash player (which i think it will if the page contains flash content), and doing so causes your issues, then you will know it's the culprit. Then it's time to get the frying pan out and beat it back into order!

                Thanks for the tip about reverting the latest firefox back to the classic look, i will have to check that out. The biggest problem i have against the latest version is that they removed the option of having your tab bar below everything else. For some reason they feel that having your tab bar directly above the page you are viewing is a ridiculous idea. Something i totally disagree with, why would i want to drag my mouse pointer all the way to the top of the screen everytime i wish to switch to a different tab? I want the tabs as close to the page as possible. It's a change the devs at firefox have been trying to force upon us for quite a while, but until the latest version there was always someway of having the tab bar below the rest of the stuff. But if you go into "about:config" on the latest version, they have removed the option of setting where the tabs will appear. I must admit they i am rather disappointed with the route firefox have taken over the last year, firefox became so popular simply because it was customisable to how the user liked it, not how some dev insists you have it. Getting too much like google chrome for my liking. Google - aka 'Big Brother'.

                I like the way you test things out on your old xp machine, lol, i am the other way around, i will go test things out on my win 7 partition, i don't mind if i break that. But i don't want to mess up my main partition which is still xp. I still prefer xp to win 7, mainly because of they way they split the control panel up into countless sub sections in win 7, but also because it uses twice the amount of ram that xp does.

                Anyway, i strongly fear i have once again wandered way off topic - how is your access to photobucket now by the way?
                Your charts, your radar, your eyes and ears - if all 4 agree, you may proceed with caution.


                  Steve, for the moment try this for your tabs problem. There are two avenues which end up at the same destination. I apparently have F'fox 30 and assume you have the same.

                  At Customise click the Help question mark, then Firefox Help on the list.
                  Click the Customise Controls, Options and Add-ons box.
                  Scroll down to and click Learn More About the Design of the New Firefox.
                  Then right near the end click How to Make the New Firefox Look Like the Old Firefox. (painful, isn't it?!)
                  Then you have to install an add-on Classic Theme Restorer, (not one of Firefox's) and Restart.
                  But first if you scroll down you see that you can do all sorts of jolly things. One is Restore Tabs on Bottom which I interpret as bottom of the toolbar, but I might be very wrong. I didn't go that far as I'm quite happy with them as they are. I just wish they were more visible when they're not active, as the favicons of those I have pinned are almost invisible against the battleship grey background. But I may be able to change that.

                  The other route is:

                  Add-ons. Manager Add-ons appears.
                  Click Get Add-ons
                  Scroll down right hand side to Browse All Add-ons
                  Click Top Rated at the left hand side.
                  Then you have the same add-on to download. If you hover, the button to download appears, but first just click on the name to learn about it and you will find right down the bottom under Features and Settings the option for Tabs on Top true/false.

                  Maybe I've got it wrong, but if not then good luck.

                  "To thine own self be true.......
                  Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                    Thanks, Ivy, i will note what you have mentioned for future use. At the moment i have stuck with version 28 (after seeing what the later versions looked like, and after reading the bad reviews). But it does sound like Firefox must have listened to the moans, because i know that for a while there was no way - other than add-ons to put the tabs back down under the tool bar. I may give it a go now you have mentioned it is movable again. I do use the occasional add-on, adblock plus, English dictionary, and of course, Greasemonkey, i use a few scripts with the later that keeps the devs over at Youtube in check! Thinking about it there are probably plenty of scripts out there now that keeps firefox itself under control. Now, i wonder if there any scripts that help with photobucket? (Just had to add that last bit, just to stay on topic you understand ;-)
                    Your charts, your radar, your eyes and ears - if all 4 agree, you may proceed with caution.


                      On topic? Oh, err-rrr yes!
                      As I only really use PB for posting on What Place is This and I rarely win that I shan't know till next time and have to open PB. But there has been some slight change in the Firefox freeze in that it only does it every other day now and on the bad day it doesn't last so long! Progress, I suppose.

                      "To thine own self be true.......
                      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                        Photobucket tells me that I will loose my VIP Status tonight.
                        I never noticed I had any on Photobucket. Did anybody else???


                        • PoloUK
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                          I have a colleague who says 'Every day is a school day' - that's certainly the case on CVF. Have learnt a new word now. Having read the dictionary definition, I reckon that the word works just as well in English in this context as it does in French - just that we're not all as educated and erudite as you Yves!! Please continue with your 'respectful humour' - I for one really enjoy it, you make me smile every day.

                        • yvneac
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                          Thank you Mark.
                          Erudite???? It would have been very handy to tell that to my teachers when I was a school boy.They doubted it!
                          Anyway I'll try to improve my English for the next joke.

                        • ombugge
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                          OK that should be enough big words for now, I don't want to have to look at the Dictionary all the time.

                        I have been receiving VIP treatment many times and in many places during my many years of travel, flying first class and staying in some of the best hotels in the world.
                        Example of "pleonasm", Ombugge?

                        "To thine own self be true.......
                        Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                          HELP!! HELP!!

                          Hello everybody;

                          This morning I received an e-mail from Photobucket telling me that they had "taken" all my pictures away from CVF, since they had noticed that I had been using Photobucket for 3d party picture hosting.
                          Yes, I have loaded pictures from my free PB account on to CVF (sole purpose) for some years, like I have learnt here. And so have many of you.

                          I can restore my images, they said, if I upgrade to a plus 500 plan, which will cost me $ 399 for 500 GB a year!

                          I know I have been inactive for a while, but as said in another thread before, it would be a great shame to loose ones posted pictures.

                          Does anybody have similar experiences? And can somebody give me an advice on what to do??

                          The mail from Photobucket reads like this:

                          WE NOTICED THAT YOU HAVE BEEN USING
                          PHOTOBUCKET FOR 3RD PARTY HOSTING*
                          TO RESTORE YOUR 3RD PARTY HOSTED IMAGES,
                          PLEASE UPGRADE TO A PLUS 500 PLAN.

                          Our Terms of Service does not allow 3rd party hosting with your current account level.
                          UPGRADE NOW

                          *What is 3rd Party Hosting?

                          Photobucket defines 3rd party hosting as the action of embedding an image or photo onto another website. For example, using the <img> tag to embed or display a JPEG image from your Photobucket account on another website such as a forum, Etsy, eBay auction listings, a blog, etc. is definitively 3rd party hosting."


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                          Regards; Sigve.
                          IF I WIN IN LOTTO, I COULD GO EVERYWHERE. WITH FRAM....


                            Hmmm..., this smell fishy, at least to me.
                            If you can't post pictures from Photobucket to in example CVF via the 'img' solution, what's the point with Photobucket???

                            My account is till working, maybe because I've always had the Pro-version and payed my dollars ($ 25,- pr. year), but $ 399,- pr. year? Wow..., that will not happen!

                            I notice our Ralf here suffer from the same problem as you, as his pictures from the veteran cars thread are gone...

                            If Photobucket close down my possibility to use my pictures in a forum or in CVF threads, it's good bye CVF for me, if this forum doesn't upgrade and let us post pictures like we do in example on Facebook, directly from our albums.

                            Anyway, this is a sad message from Photobucket (if they are behind this mail), and I'm sorry I can't help you here, Sigve.
                            "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                            • Sigve
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                              Their terms says that it is only the 399 $ version that allows unlimited image linking and unlimited 3rd party image hosting. If this is so, I think many pictures will disappear from CVF.

                            • Sterkoder
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                              Yes, the images from all of us not paying $ 399,- pr. year will disappear. Mine are gone now...

                              I will NOT pay NOK 3.350,- just to post pictures on CVF. The only way I use Photobucket.

                              Maybe I'll find another way of storing in the future, but as I have thousands of pictures stored at PB in 13 different albums, I don't know...., start all over? Don't think so.

                              I had big plans of making yet another tour report after the coming week-end, as Ålesund will be visited by no less than 5 cruise ships on Saturday.
                              All who want to see as much as a bulb must look into Facebook Saturday evening or Sunday.

                            • Clipper
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                              Photobucket seems to have fallen into bad hands. Apart from this hot-link blocking, and an outrageous price to avoid it, the Photobucket site itself has become an advert-laden heap of doggy-doo. They even mix ads in with your own picture listings. And it's as slow as ever.
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