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    Originally posted by Steve.B View Post
    but i do miss those times greatly, all of you make this such a great place to be! I just wish i could concentrate like i used to.
    But it really is nice to be making a post or two once again. Now i guess i should go and investigate my old Isle of Wight railway thread, it would appear that Ivy is waiting to see some pics! Ivy, your memory is better than mine! :-)
    Don't worry about the concentration bit, dear Steve. What matters is that you keep in touch and do a post now and again. You were one of those members who made CVF sparkle.
    Will email.


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      Ok folks …this is my Photobucket Update!

      Previously in "Problems with Photobucket"...
      My paid "Plus20" account was due to expire on 25th April 2018, and so I had been expecting to see the 'ransom notices' appearing in my posts around that date. Once that happened I intended to close my Photobucket account completely.

      But in April things had been busy and complicated for domestic reasons...
      Photobucket melt-down date was far from my mind, but I'd managed to salvage a couple of days away in Norway, which I see I was telling you about in my Away thread on April 26th.

      Next day. 27th April, in my email inbox...
      Two mails from Photobucket! The first, headed "Please update your billing information", was sent at 10:00am.
      "We've experienced a problem when trying to automatically renew your Plus subscription. The Plus subscription payment did not process, most likely due to expired payment information”
      The second, headed "Transaction Receipt" was sent at 12:26, and thanked me for my purchase, $34.99USD having been charged to the (still valid) credit card I'd used the previous year.

      I hadn't read either of these mails until late that evening!

      So replied to Support saying I wished to discontinue my account due to their high charge for 3rd party hosting, and asking for refund to my credit card. Support replied pointing out that they couldn't refund me if I requested to delete my Plus20 account, as it's now valid for a further year. It is of course correct that payments are non-refundable, and my account was set to 'recurring payments', so it really was just my own silly fault for not having checked this earlier.

      Timing is everything!
      Having thus mentally written off the $35, I'd intended to cancel the subscription when I returned from Norway, by which time I expected my photos to have been replaced by the 'ransom notices'. But the photos were still there when I got back, and, although I received no further explanatory emails, I now see what has happened from Steve and Sterkoder's posts. So my short trip aboard Spitsbergen has inadvertently saved my old photos here on the forum! - at least for a year. Although I am perhaps less enthusiastic about Flickr than many of you,I expect I'll carry on using it for new photos now I've started doing so, and Flickr too is now 'under new management'.

      Message to Jan-Olav
      Dear Captain, please please don't kick yourself for cancelling your own Photobucket account after it expired last November, for I would have done exactly the same. In many respects it is not at all a bad thing to have made a fresh start. (I loved the time I spent last year looking through your images for the last time, and when you allowed me to copy and keep those very special ones I mentioned, I truly felt that was the best present I have ever received.) Oh and btw, for some sentimental reason I would have individually reposted ALL my photos of Lookchin
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        No kicking myself will be done ....

        Strange that some images seems to reappear... but I think you have the reasons why.

        Lookchin is coming back out of his institution soon - he has been talking about hitting the silver screens soon!
        With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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          Originally posted by pakarang View Post
          .... he has been talking about hitting the silver screens soon!
          Although I said of photos that "in many respects it is not at all a bad thing to have made a fresh start", I was not at all prepared to loose the video "Cha Am" from Vimeo. But there was a second 'can't live without' video that I was panicking about until I remembered it was also on YouTube. No prizes for guessing that it was that charming and witty 'trailer' of "Summer Once a Year"..

          So I'm delighted to hear news of Lookchin, as are all his friends and followers here in Scotland!


            I have problems logging in to Photobucket. Anybody else getting multiple request to confirm e-mail address and receiving a "confirmation toke", but no explanation what to do with it??

            In my search for a solution I came across this from the new management:
            Maybe this can help for those who want to restore their account and passed stored pictures??