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    Thanks for your interest and replies,Ombugge and Sterkoder (I saw pakarang had logged off a couple of minutes before my post so he won't even know of my travels yet!).

    My concept of a "stop over" when I've travelled sections of the route port-to-port is when I am spending a night or so in a hotel at a port - hence being more ship-focussed this time and the apologies above!
    I was fascinated by Spitsbergen's pre-Hurtigruten saga, especially having travelled in the Azores which she was built for, and now as a 'new' ship I think I might be more accepting of the latest fashion in modern décor than on the 'refurbished' ships. However, were I to return to Hurtgruten on an expedition cruise, I am sure I'd choose Fram again or the future new builds, so I'm approaching this short trip aboard Spitsbergen as a one-off.

    I believe that in Hurtigruten-speak May is in "Spring" and June is in "Summer"! - and the Geiranger detour is only in Summer.
    So in order to work out the ship's Spring timings, I tried looking to see what excursions were offered to the tourists in Spring. Goodness, it takes a lot of clicking to find things on Hurtigruten's website! Eventually I found that there is the 'Aquarium and Aksla' and an 'Art Nouveau Walk', and as both are "approximately 12:30 - 14:30", that fits with the 15:00 departure time in the Sailing List.
    I'll be having lunch as I have a pre-paid full board deal. Don't know if I'll be given a fixed timed sitting, athough I'd have though they'd want the excursion-goers eating earliest that day.

    I have no idea if they allow port visitors on board during seasons with a longer stop in Ålesund. The arrangement along the quay since the new building is new to me too. I suppose in Kristiansund, which I think of as a southbound destination, the stop is probably a late short 'stop and go' northbound. I don't even know if Spitsbergen handles much freight.

    Certainly I realise how very out of touch with things I've become in a relatively short time, and that explains why I've not been joining in much discussion about Hurtigruten changes and future here on the forum (or feeling able to answer questions and recommend things that folk in Edinburgh often ask me about when seeing me in my blue Fram jacket!) .


      I'm here.... and first of all, before I forget, safe travels!

      Yes, unfortunately, May 7th - 9th will be a work week for me, and a rather hectic number of days too.

      May will be the start in preparing for the new company on the fjord too, in addition to some personal engagements as well. Actually, you might see me in around the port-area on May 8th, as I have a preliminary private sightseeing-booking to fit in somehow, with guests from the northbound coastal steamer.

      I have heard from quite a few people that the website(s) of Hurtigruten is cumbersome to navigate - and that they have been like that for quite some time. I find that to be rather sad - people might get lost and not find what they are looking for.

      Hope you will have a most wonderful trip - I'm confident that you will have!
      With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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        Sorry that we cannot offer nice sunny weather for your short visit in Aalesund today:
        Hope you enjoy a walk around town anyhow.


        • ombugge
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          Spitsbergen has left, but 10 min. delaid. Waiting on a missing Seagull??
          Bon voyage!!

        • Tommi
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          Happy travels Seagull!

        The Hurtigruten timetable said northbound hurtigrute arriving Kristiansund at 10:15 PM with departure at 11:00 PM. That should give a good 45 minutes to meet the Seagull...., or at least so I though.
        I brought my daughter and we drove to the city, even if I saw on AIS that SPITSBERGEN was a little late, but still, it looked like we were going to have at least 30 minutes.
        When the ship finally arrived, it was 10:52 PM when the gangway hit the dock, no visitors allowed on board, no passengers allowed to leave the ship.
        So, there we were...., silently looking at each other for 8 minutes, waving and doing signs of distant hugs.
        Yes, Cecilia, you are correct: Kristiansund really is a southbound destination, as you put it.

        The reason for the late arrival in Kristiansund?
        Some technical problems, or an issue, with one of the life boats in Molde. This gave a late departure from that city.

        Better luck next time.


          I'm back! Thanks all for earlier comments, and I can report to ombugge that this Seagull was definitely not responsible for that ten minute delay! In fact I was on deck looking down over the open gangway hatch at the time, but didn't see any latecomers. They just closed it and off we sailed!
          As envisaged I had taken advantage of many people going on the organised excursions and had been taking photos around the ship. I only left it to walk around the block of new-to-me buildings on the quay, and photograph the ship from the quay, including one of her stern from the corner of the Radisson hotel terrace.

          Given the weather I was glad I had not insisted on dragging you away from your Sunday lunch on a wet walk, ombugge. But what I had not known in advance was that port guests are able to visit the ship during this longer stop in Ålesund. I could have invited you for lunch …or a coffee {or beer!!!) fika, after all!
          Most extraordinary was to discover later that our CVF member Sigve had been aboard in Ålesund, and had seen me, quote, “"on your way to the dining room" ” but "“was not 100% sure so did not contact".He has not been on the forum for some months, so would not have known of my travel plans - (or perhaps the colour my hair is nowadays!). I will let him know when I have sorted and posted photos, in case that encourages him to pop in here again.

          As Sterkoder has already described, things got even more bizarre in Kristiansund, after the long delay in Molde which was due to a problem with the lifeboat davit. But even in more normal circumstances, and although not now in the middle of the night, it can apparently seem be more of a timetable-adjusting opportunity than a stop! Anyway I have convinced Sterkoder that his wonderful city is definitely a southbound destination! Great to at least see you and Vilde!

          I had of course already calculated that pakarang would be back at work, and moreover on night shift, and I wouldn't encroach into the brief time in his hectic schedule intended for daytime sleep, so Trondheim was already the 'no meet-up no guilty feelings' port! But how very wonderfully special to receive your message of welcome Captain; I was amazed you even had time to remember my schedule. Sunshine arrived in Trondheim with me, and I enjoyed my brief stay in your city so much. The temporary sculpture exhibition at Kristiensten fortress ...tick. Another section of the Ladestien trail with visit to the wonderful Ladekaia ...tick. In other words, achieving my main objectives and more!

          I'm so glad I'd made the big tick of the trip - the Spitsbergen experience on her last trip in the regular route this Spring - after being unable to make a more complete Seagull trip in April. I know the rest of May is going to be overwhelmingly hectic with two long weekends spoken for in addition to key hospital appointments for D. But, having mentioned D, I hadn't factored in the fall out from the latest Windows version installations while I was away. Now no gloating dear Apple folk! D only wrote and supported Windows software in his business, and he still has lots of amateur customers with impossibly ancient hardware who he does want to help. Anyway,I'm going along with a rather good offer of him buying me a new faster more-of-everything new computer in exchange for my very old existing one which he has uses for. The only loosers are you, CVF family, as it will take a while before I get back to normal, and unfortunately just when I had such a promising schedule of photo posting in various threads.

          So think of this post as my latest 'trip report' ...the illustrations wiill emerge s-l-o-w-l-y! I can see I might be in a minimal 'away-style iPAD mode' for a while longer! And right now, as Thijs at least will appreciate, I'm going to watch the F1 grand prix race from Barcelona [Edit update:...another engine problem for Kimi, but I did enjoy the F2 and GP3 races!]
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            After several long weekends away and all sorts of other issues, I am now getting a new computer set up at D's and currently don't have access to my photos. Tomorrow I will try to post some I had separately available ready for the Serenissima thread. Not at all sure when anything resembling 'normal service' will be resumed!


              Normal service for me lately seems to be no service at all.

              I'm really working hard on making time to fit in work and free time, but there is always something popping up.

              Everything in due time! Make sure you take your time and enjoy everything as much as possible.
              With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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