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    Just in case someone hasn't yet taken a look at my website, there are quite a few new entries made over the last week.
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

    Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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    Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


      Comment on bLOG update of 2018-Mar-28: Dame tu cosita

      I'm sure it would be a lot of fun for a dance group or exercise class to have a go at, but ...ummm ...I'm a little bit bored with it already. Whereas I still love watching "Gangnam Style" ...and especially that version starring yourself that I got made for you ages ago!


        Comment on bLOG update of 2018-Mar-30: Throw back Thursday – week 13

        Such a charming story from way back, and an absolute delight of a photo

        I think that Throwback Thursday is a great idea. YES PLEASE CAPTAIN!

        Naturally allowance would be made for computing glitches, and adjustments for the more intensive workweeks ahead and during travels.

        I myself need a Myanmar Monday, a Thai Treat Tuesday, and a Serenissima Saturday! ...this March has not gone well, but I keep reminding myself that we took a photo a day for two whole years, so picking one a week from our photo files should surely be possible!


          hahahaha... thank you for dropping by and thank you for both reading my bLOG and for commenting.

          I kind of like the idea of a Throwback Thursday - but I have no idea why exactly Thursdays are popular for this. Seldom I hear about Throwback Sundays. Oh, well, life is strange sometimes.

          Myanmar Monday! hahahaha... good one!
          With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

          Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
          Main page:

          Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


            Before I even get around to 'opening my birthday cards', I would like to take advantage of bday-girl privileges by actually posting in "This is Your Captain Speaking"! (i.e. without having been specifically linked here by our Captain in his bLOG). I just want to make sure you all know about a video he posted on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, a video that is exactly that - our Captain speaking.

            Previously... in the Trondheim thread ...I recommended an earlier video called "My Saturday Walk". In the description on YouTube, Captain alluded to the self-doubts he felt in making it, the notion that "the first one is the hardest", and the hope it might therefore get easier in future, although he felt he had a lot to learn.

            And then he went on to produce "Time Machine".

            Captain! The premise of your film - speaking thoughts aloud while out walking - has been honed to perfection since the first walk and now seems so much more assured and a natural thing to be doing. I love listening to your speaking voice, your accent - including the charming hesitation over English usage at the start.
            It's an exercise 'regime' rather than 'regiment' by the way But that searching for the right word helps set the scene, says something about the protagonist of the film for those who might not know anything about you beforehand. It draws the viewer in to what follows.

            The music is brilliantly fitting with the video editing throughout; scenes punctuating your train of thought into paragraphs. The matching of music to the IKEA shopping sequence is a masterpiece in itself.

            It is said of any kind of presntation that, as well as an engaging start, one must have a good ending. That you most certainly have. After the jaunty accompaniment to the march into town and your last words and cheeky smile, you cleverly end with a silent film. A panning shot, the lingering view of the earlier-mentioned Thai grocery store, a further sweep round past 'The Last Viking' statue ...and then the final flourish of the bus trip home.


            I'll leave my own responses to the question posed in the video for another time - I just wanted to share the link, thank Captain for making this film, and to tell him that it is right up there with those earlier masterpieces - my favourites "Cha Am" and the charming and witty 'trailer' of "Summer Once a Year".


              For me that is a tough question, which i don't want to answer in such way.
              1. If i have good memories to a certain place, i try to return there, combined with the risk, that the place will have changed.
              2. If i have good memories to certain people or situations, i have to count in, that we are developing ourselves. In my opinion in a positive way, so i don't want to go back to a more incomplete status.
              3. There is so much i did not experience up to now, so i have the feeling i would miss even more, if i go back. So i want to live my dreams in the future.
              That does not mean, that there were no beautiful times in the past. By meeting old friends and have a nice evening together, we do something similar like a time travel while talking about the old days and exchanging memories.
              Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                When travelling in a time machine, I take it for granted everyone "back when" and myself are just as we were then. With that in mind, and if I can only pick three, these would be:

                1. Back to my childhood years to be with my grandparents at their summer house, where I had great days during school holidays. Not that I don't miss some people from my life more than others, but I really miss my grandmother.

                2. Any time before 13. July 1997. Since I'm not afraid to be personal among friends, that was the day my brother decided to step out of time.

                3. 1982-83. That was when I did my military service as crew chief at Royal Norwegian Air Force Pilot School in Stjørdal and Værnes airport. What great 15 months that was and what great people I became friends with.


                  Captain, don't miss reading my #170 above - more an enthusiastic ‘film review’ type of comment which I'd posted here rather than on YouTube in that instance. I was pleased it kick-started other responses to the question you pose in that video, so now here is my answer.

                  I don't want to time travel back to any point in my life. The reason is the issue of regret which touches on themes addressed in many a science fiction story and film. There the protagonist returns to a time just prior to having made a choice or decision and is tempted or even encouraged to change it. But (such are the ever-branching time-lines of cause and effect) the consequences are never that straightforward.

                  I'd rather put aside "what if" and "I wish I'd" regrets snd instead live in the present moment and go forward from now in a "today is the first day of the rest of your life" kind of way.
                  But of course that is in no way dismissing my past that has shaped what I am 'now'. You all here in CVF know my memory for dates and anniversaries and past experiences, and how much I enjoy 'then and now" images and topics here on the forum.
                  - - - - - - - - - - -
                  That's a cue to reply to:-
                  Captain’s bLOG update "Throwback Thursday Week 16" in which you ask if we can spot you on the 1992 photo.
                  Haha easy-peasy - …front row left looking super-smart in that Blue Boy uniform! Love it.


                    Comment on bLOG update of 2018-Apr-21: Future of Air Travel

                    Just a quick comment to say that those virtual windows have already arrived on cruise ships!
                    Virtual Balconies on Royal Caribbean:-



                    I haven’t quite taken in all the other ideas about future aircraft, but my first thought when I read the window bit was to wonder whether the appeal to the gadgety-geeky side of you might not quite compensate for the pleasures and emotions you wrote about in your Travel bLOG on March 22nd (and I'd certainly miss that kind of photo you chose to take which I so delighted in identifying.)