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    Howdy, Ivy. Glad you're getting things done in your 'patch' again. Any more tales to update us with? Our own patch is growing wild at present and needs some attention. My current fad is my collection of Japanese maples.of which there are many, many varieties. Had a couple more for my birthday - one called Velvet Lace with feathery leaves, and the other was a reddy-brown leaf but with distinctive light vein markings.

    It would be good to hear some more from you.


      How's the Christmas Patch doing, Ivy? It's been relatively mild so far - needs frosts to kill off certain bugs, I believe. A large dog fox was a recent visitor to our garden - though how he got in I know not as checked and found no gaps. An adventurous Reynard if he scaled the fence, all for some bread crusts.


        I read your posts, Paul, but I have been doing (or had done for me!) various clearances and odd jobs in the garden so I'm thinking and planning new plants. At the moment the Christmas Patch is looking somewhat dismal. The herbie bit is a patchwork of jumbled up herbs and things that may be nice but shouldn't be there at all - like the pretty saxifrage and ajuga dumped there a few years ago "just for the moment!", while the two patches I had cleared some time ago to await my grand plans for what next to do with them now have a carpet of minute weed seedlings and some lovely young self-sown larkspurs. These latter arrived from nowhere years ago and spread their seeds all over the garden. I love them.
        In a fit of enthusiasm I bought a dwarf cherry tree (edible cherries) last autumn. It is still in its pot and I am undecided where its final position should be. I reduced the big rhubarb plantation last summer to a size that is more compatible with my consumption (those roots are descended from my grandfather's stools) and am thinking of Doing Something Special in that area, while rearranging the veggie patch next to it.
        Like Brexit, there is a lot of thinking going on but no grand scheme has yet been decided upon.
        The cherry tree therefore awaits its final position.
        I share your love of the Japanese acers, I've just Googled the Velvet Lace one you mentioned in your previous post, but couldn't find it. I am determined to get a really small one, also a miniature weeping willow - I found a suitable one on a gardening site which grows only to about 5ft x 3ft, so I might get that.
        The front garden is also undergoing a make-over, two bushes cleared, various things moved to new positions and lots more planning of pretty things to refill the area.
        It's only a tiny garden, but watch this space!
        As for me, I'd better do a bit more than just watch those spaces. Get deciding, girl!

        "To thine own self be true.......
        Thou canst not then be false to any man."