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Photo Assignment: Building Crowns

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    Photo Assignment: Building Crowns

    This is the not the fine, small detail of buildings but rather the larger architectural shape or crown given to the top of some larger buildings.

    Here is my first one:

    To me this one looks almost like the mast or superstructure of a ultra modern yacht.

    At first I thought this was one of the many that sort of had a 1950's sci-fi look but the more I look at it I get a bit of the Statue of Liberty's crown... with a cherry on top.


      What an interesting new idea. This compliments the building details thread and the abandoned buildings one - something else for us to watch out for. I'll now have to raise my eyes skywards more often (then trip over something! . Thanks, Dane.

      "To thine own self be true.......
      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


        Your photo reminded me of one I took for my 366 thread (hence the frame!). it is part of a building in Norwich called the Forum, part big public library, part BBC East, part historical archives with room for exhibitions, a cafe and goodness knows what else.
        By sheer chance it echoes the top of the building in your photo, Dane.

        "To thine own self be true.......
        Thou canst not then be false to any man."


          We have plenty of tall buildings with "crowns" in Singapore. I'll try to remember to photograph some of them.
          This one may not quality as a "crown", but it is probably the most photographed "roof decoration" in Singapore:


            I took some pictures of Singapore buildings with crowns a couple of days ago, but in bad light.
            Here is a selection from the down town area:

            All the above shot from the same spot at Marina Bay Promenade.


              More building crowns from down town Singapore, but now with even less light:

              At least four crowned buildings in one frame:

              The top of the J.P. Morgan building have changing coloured lights at night.

              The nearest one may be familiar. Yes it is the clock tower at Lau Pa Sat Food Court.
              Here is a closer look at that one:

              Another that may be familiar is the "wedding cake" crown on top of Asia Insurance Building:

              It used to contain a water tank, but I'm not sure if that is still the case now.


                The most famous crown now is this one:

                Here you can see where they got the idea for that "stern" from:

                Sorry, OT the last two. I'll make amends by taking pictures of more building crowns, preferably in better light.
                Even many ordinary HDB blocks have some form of decorative structures on top these days.


                  I like the clock.

                  "To thine own self be true.......
                  Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                    Yesterday I walked around and deliberately looked for buildings with crowns to put into this thread.
                    Here is a couple of buildings close to home:

                    Next to Orchard Road / Scotts Road junction, with some interesting crowned buildings.
                    Marriott Hotel / Teng Plaza:

                    This is not a crown on top of a building, but an interesting feature on Wheelock Place:

                    Looks like the straw hats worn by Coolies and Padi workers in the old days:

                    Now a popular souvenir item in the region.

                    Here is the real thing, still in wide use in Vietnam etc.:


                      Don't know what is hidden in this glass house:

                      Nor in this green "hat":

                      This structure crown a building with a very peculiar shape:

                      Here is the rest:

                      No, it is not an optical illusion, the building is shaped somewhat like a bowling pin.

                      Glass rotundas:

                      I don't know how to describe this structure. It speaks for itself:


                        Whether these top structures serve any purpose, or is only there as decorations is not known:

                        There appears to be a lot of wasted steel and glass above any rentable space here:

                        More wasted material that doesn't appear to serve any purpose:

                        A grand design:


                          This structure on top of the "new" wing of Mandarin Orchard appears to cover an A/C cooling tower or something:

                          The old wing has a revolving restaurant on top:

                          (Photo from the net)

                          Great World City has it's fair share of crowned towers:

                          A closer look at one of them:

                          Here is a building with "rounded" as the main theme:

                          This one obviously fancy pyramid shapes:


                            The theme here may be "bird's nests":

                            Seen from the other side:

                            Next theme appears to be "Greek Temples":

                            Don't know what has inspired this Architect:


                              Two for the price of one. Very different in style:

                              A different view of one of the above crowns:

                              We have reached Singapore River. Most of the buildings along here has some type of "Crown" on top:

                              Here is several examples in one frame:

                              Spanish inspired??:

                              ​Here part of the roof structure appears to be used for something practical: