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Photo Assignment: It is SPRING!!!

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    Originally posted by ombugge View Post
    See and listen to the sound of spring in Olden:
    Beautiful sounds.... almost like an instrument doing an introduction.
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      Happiness!!! It is SPRING!!!:


        Fruit blooming is finally on in Aalesund.
        Here the alley of cherry trees planted in the vicinity of NMK and NTNU:

        As is this tree in the middle of town:


          Other flowering trees and bushes is also showing off:

          Not sure what to make of this tree??:

          Nor do I know these flowers?:

          But the best sign of spring is that the snow on Sula is getting less and less by the day:

          Still too early to go swimming in the sea. For that Sula have to be snow free.


            The flowers at #34.5 are Crown Imperials (Fritillaria Imperialis if you want to show off!). As to the trees in the two photos just before, I was wondering if those "lumps" were galls, so I Googled and found this on Wiki: Scroll down a bit and see what you think.
            I seemed to remember that you showed some beautiful spring photos last year so looked back and enjoyed them again. That one at #23.5 is incredible with its shading, echoed as it is in both clouds and mountains. This year the blossom predominates and #33.4 and 6 make me feel I'm right up there in the middle of it!
            Thank you for these cheering images, Ombugge.

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