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Photo Assignment: It is SPRING!!!

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    A new year and early spring in Aalesund.
    Snowbells have been out for a couple of weeks now:

    Pussy willows have shown themselves:

    According to Primerose (Primula Vulgaris) has been blooming in Hessa for at least two weeks and the first Danderloins have appeared at the other islands.

    BTW Svalbard is warmest place in Norway these days:
    Even North Cape and Kirkenes is expected to experience temperatures above 0C for the nearest two day


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      In a book I am reading called Letters from High Latitudes, by Lord Dufferin, he goes off in a schooner to explore the Arctic. He becomes rather disappointed that Iceland is so warm - 86 C for over two days. Off to Svalbard and there is more ice but he can land and spend time with the locals whom he describes as Lapps. Jan Mayen traps him for some time and its famous mountain is shrouded in mist - so it becomes rather perilous. He survives it all - and heads to Bear Island - but again is disappointed by its relative warmth....the date of his adventures??? 1846. That must be at the end of a geological warm period.

    More spring pictures from Aalesund.
    This is familiar territory in Kattavaagen (near Sunnomore Museum) where the swans and ducks are back in their normal habitat:

    There appears to be some young'uns among them:


      Kattavaagen with no swans:

      Not much snow on the mountains to be early February:


        Spring, Singapore style:

        The nearest to spring we have is the end of the NE Monsoon season, which is NOW!!


          Back in Aalesund and there are more snow on the Sula mountain than when we left 2 months ago:


            OK there are some signs of spring around. The daffodils, known as Paaskelilje (Easter lilies) in Norwegian, are blooming on cue:

            The seagulls are pairing up and making a lot of noise:

            And the Borgundfjord Cod is in the fjord:


              Fresh snow in the mountains the last few days. Here from 25. April:

              And today, 27. April:


                We have got into a good weather period, but still cold in the shadow. Same is forecast for the next 5-7 days.

                The snow limit is creeping up a bit though:

                As May commence the snow is still down to 4-500 m. on the north side of Sula:

                The view of the mountains from town yesterday:

                Aida Vita was on her second visit of the year:

                Further inland there are still plenty of snow on the mountains:

                But some bare rocks to be seen on the sunny side:


                  Not to let this forum die a quite death, I will post the latest spring photos from Oslo:

                  Up here in the North West of Norway we have nice clear but cold weather. Here from the
                  fruite blooming in Linge this Sunday:

                  Snow melt is filling Gudbrandsjuvet:

                  The road to Trollstigen has not been cleared, even at the lower parts yet:

                  That may be the only post this week.


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                    Nice to see that summer is getting closer!

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                    Good photos! A late start to thawing and access to places but always worth seeing. Thanks Ombugge.

                  Thankfully spring has finally given way to summer here in Trondheim, though we do not have any fruits blooming here (as far as I know of).

                  The fruit blooming at the west coast is such a lovely sight to behold - though, I have only seen it a handful of times myself.
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                    Yes Spring has given way to Summer of sorts.
                    In Aalesund they cut away the new branches on oak trees every autumn and the look like this, even in spring:

                    The same tree (on the right here) seen yesterday:


                      This struck a chord with me, as D also got a tree in his front garden cut back like this (but just at the top as there is no growth from the trunk). The last time it was cut was when I paid for it some years ago so that the foliage wouldn't obscure the view of the top of the Pentland Hills which featured from time to time in those daily 365 photos pakarang had encouraged me to take!
                      As it wasn't done until 31st March, it seemed impossible to imagine there would be any leaves at all this summer - but now there are, just like the top part of your tree!