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Photo Assignement: Foul Weather

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  • Photo Assignement: Foul Weather

    After a look around CV, I couldn't see a thread for bad weather. So here is a start to that most strange and fearsome act of nature.... Foul Weather.

    Here is look into the heart of the dragon, or as in my case a huge rain storm about to land home on our Ashcroft Road area. And boy did it rain!!

    Infamy, Infamy.... They've got it in for me! Said The Laughing Assassin.

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    Love this thread idea, love that cloud!


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      Good idea. I have a few pics of Thunder storm brewing over Singapore that should fit in with yours above, especially since Britain is becoming "tropical", at least when it comes tropical downpours during summers, if not in respect of winter temperatures:

      I may have posted these in some other thread earlier?

      Right now we have a dry spell, with temperatures around 34-35C, but mostly with low relative humidity, so it is quite bearable.


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        Storm over the Isle of Iona from MS Fram


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          Fabulous set of photos from both of you. Mother nature has a way of giving an unforgettable glimpse of her power no matter where you are, all of them stunning!!!!
          Infamy, Infamy.... They've got it in for me! Said The Laughing Assassin.


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            It just happens a thunderstorm passed by the house this evening so I shall show you so many pictures of lightening until you cannot stand it.

            You can tell the sun had set and it was quickly getting darker as the pictures get darker and darker. A very nice storm.


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                Wow, Dane--How'd you do that??? Excellent!

                I love a good thunderstorm..haven't had any this year...

                Here's a photo taken by Alix's friend Taylar on May 5, 2009 from the Coffee Den parking lot (my "downtown office"). Yeap, tornado over Sandersville. Some minor damage- it didn't touch down over the town....messed up some pine tree acreage, though....


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                  Very impressing, Dane. I never had the idea to try this up to now! Very impressing!
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                    The storm and trying to take lightning photos reminded me that I need to get off some money and buy a tripod. I was pressing the camera against a front porch column of our house to hold it steady. Some of the exposures were 10 seconds long. I took 186 photos and captured lightning in in 20 frames. For some reason most bolts of lightning happened between my shutter clicks (just to piss me off!). Last night was perfect for photographing lighting. There was one small, very strong thunderstorm that passed several miles from our house. We had clear skies overhead, no rain and a clear view of the storm and all it's very cool lightning located in one small spot. I've tried photographing lightning before but it is usually difficult. The clouds from the storm can get in the way so you only get shots of the very close lightning, and then there is the rain and fear of being struck dead by your subject.
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                      Beautiful shots Dane! Very impressive lightening shots!
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                        Dane, I am really jealous of your lightening photos! I would love to capture such a sight for my Skyscape project. But quite apart from the 20/186 success rate, it is highly unlikely to happen. We have very few thunderstorms here, even the little ones with perhaps only just one or two lightening flashes. It was something which struck me (excuse pun!!!) when I moved here from Cambridge where such weather seemed to be a bit more common.

                        The best, longest, most spectacular lightening storm I have ever seen was from a hotel window with a view over the Baltic in Kalmar, Sweden, but this was in pre-digital times and that 186 would have been a very expensive luxury!


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                          This beastie was hanging over the area I was shooting at the time, I was taking shots of our 104 year old former school, and needless to say the heavens opened with a vengeful soaking. Yes, I did get wet.

                          Lea Road
                          Infamy, Infamy.... They've got it in for me! Said The Laughing Assassin.


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                            This was the view over the former school that I was photographing. Damn, was it dark for mid afternoon.

                            Lea Road Shool.... moody dark cloud & downpour on the way.
                            Infamy, Infamy.... They've got it in for me! Said The Laughing Assassin.


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                              Originally posted by pilotdane View Post
                              fear of being struck dead by your subject.
                              Ah, those pesky little things....

                              Ungrateful Subject!!!

                              The things that artists sacrifice for their work!