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Photo Assignment: Street Art

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    There are some graffiti in Singapore to, but of the type sanctioned by the building owner.
    Here from a backlane around Jalan Besar Stadium:

    The type of graffiti, as exampled by the "Bunksy" painted over something a bit more worthwhile, is strictly discouraged. Although you will always have some young punks that doesn't get the message. They usually get too ****y and consequently caught and facing the Law, which is actually enforced in Singapore. If over 18 they go to jail and can get up to 8 strokes of the cane.

    It may be that it has become a challenge for those in the graffiti "game" to manage to show their art in Singapore. Even grown ups are involved.

    We had some foreign "heroes" who managed to paint graffiti on MRT trains, (signed Banksy) but they have been caught, jailed and caned for their effort:

    They managed to leave the country shortly after their deed and escape to Thailand. Their identity was quickly established and their whereabouts known.
    They were arrested when transiting in KL on their way to Australia, avoiding Singapore. They are now serving their sentences in the comfort of a Singapore prison.


      Here is more legal art seen around Raffles place:

      And outside The Scotts at Scotts Road:


        This bird sculpture is situated in a courtyard at Singapore General Hospital:


          We find Street art in places where you'll never think there would be any, but the majority is concentrated in the Civic District.
          This one at the entrance to Carlton Hotel in Bras Basah Road:

          Less surprising is this one outside the Singapore Art Museum in the same area:

          As was this wooden lion:

          Why it is hidden behind some sheets of acrylic do not know.


            This old fountain is "hidden" in a courtyard at Raffles Hotel:

            It may not be art, but more craftsmanship of historic interest:

            Also something that may not qualify as "art", but never the less goes here:


              More street art from Singapore. This time from the grounds at LaSalle School of the Arts.
              Abstract sculpture with no plaque that I could see:


                Then this one, which is by McNelly, the former head of the school himself:

                Maybe a bit difficult to read?:

                The central court yard within LaSalle to put it in perspective:

                As seen from McNully Street:

                A stone engraved with calligraphy to comemorate the opening of the new building for the school by then Deputy PM Lee Hsien Loong in 1995:

                The building itself is quite interesting, although it looks like a square black box from the outside:


                  Did I say there is no illegal graffiti in Singapore?? Well I have been proven wrong:

                  I refuse to call this Street Art though, only tagging. It was not there when I walked passed the same wall the day before.


                  • yvneac
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                    OK with you about this last one.It's obviously a visual pollution.Nithing to see with art.
                    I like very much the black building as seen from outside and of course the thin statue.

                  • ombugge
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                    Just got to think about it; why did I notice this insignificant tag on a white wall??
                    Because it was seen in Singapore, where it is unusual.
                    If anywhere else it would be so common place that it would warrant no attention at all.

                  • yvneac
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                    Yes, as you said before and as I read, the rules seem to be draconian in Singapore.In a way I am agree with it.Maybe to take risks is a sine-qua-non condition for street artists.It avoid the conterfeit!

                  This piece of art used to be standing prominently near the main road, but has now been relegated
                  to a quite spot in the grounds around National Museum in Singapore:

                  As has this one, tucked into a hillside leading up to Fort Canning Park:

                  This one is in an even more secluded space behind the National Museum:


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                    Thank you Ombugge to give an opprtunity to discover artists I didn't know before your posts.Love Tan Teng Kee one.

                  • ombugge
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                    So would probably any scrap dealer in town without an artistic mind.

                  One more mural painted on a wall somewhere in Chinatown, Singapore:


                    Approved "Street Artists" at work at Tiong Bahru Market:


                      Not exactely street art but a poster I like.A reference to Van Gogh and the favorite beverage of the artists in the XIX's, called absinthe (forbidden nowadays since it was rather dangerous for neurons!)


                        Another place in Chinatown I came across this mural of what would have been a typical scene here back some 40 year or less ago:

                        The lady in the window lower down a basket to a street hawker on the ground to purchase his food. (In this case it appears to be Pau, a form of steamed bread filled with various ingredients)
                        A Coolie is eating his rice, kids are playing and a Samsui woman is carrying heavy baskets of construction material on a stick.

                        A little detail high up on the wall. Two Myna birds sitting on a ledge:

                        There are two types of Mynas commonly found all over Singapore and well adapted to city life.
                        We have regular visits of a pair of Mynas in the kitchen. Sometime even waking through the sitting room.

                        Some are holding Mynas as cage birds because they can be trained to imitate human voices and other sounds:


                          This may not qualify as Street Art as there isn't a street anywhere near this place:!/video/114071/
                          Sorry the comments are only in Norwegian, but I guess you get the idea.
                          Best of all, the art can keep you warm in the winter, which is very much needed up there in Storelvdal.


                            Thank you for this video Ombugge.Very interresting.
                            Maybe it's not street art as we say usually but for sure it is Art Brut.
                            No doubt this guy is an artist.