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Photo Assignment: Autumn is here....

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    So wonderful to see an old thread coming alive each autumn - this is in fact an old thread, and it springs to life each autumn, just as safe as autumn arrives.

    Great photography added - I have not been out a lot lately because of a LOT of extra shifts at work. I just haven't had the time - nor the energy to take pictures lately.
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      Automn pictures from my balcony.At night.


        Your images make me want to jump right into the glorious colour and immerse myself in it. No....... no jokes now, don't spoil the atmosphere!
        Autumn colour has been piecemeal hereabouts this year. The unusually mild, wet weather kept many trees green or with a touch of yellow for much longer, until now the sudden frosts have stripped most of them before they reached the fiery stage. When I was working in Norwich, a half-hour's drive away, I used to catch my breath at the sight of a really good showing of autumn colour against the sky, particularly when it was against dark thunderous clouds but lit from the sunshine behind me. It was almost worth going to work just to se it!

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        • yvneac
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          I agree Ivy.
          In Normandy the automn was'nt as nice as it was the previous years. In Caen the exotic species were more or less colored but in le Pays d'Auge,apple tries and pear tries changed quickly from green to....nothing.

        We have skipped an Autumn. Now it is Autumn 2016, but some doesn't appear to have noticed:

        Leaves have mostly gone, but the roses are still blooming:

        There are even buds waiting to show themselves.


          The Blueberry bushes have noticed, however:

          Here is not much to tell you we are well into last half of September:

          Blame it on Global Warming??


          • nari
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            Why not blame it on GW...something is happening which is far more than normal variants of weather. August and September, so far, have been decreed the hottest in BOTH hemispheres since 1880s, summer and winter. Uhoh....

          Not much snow left on the mountains as seen from Borgund kaupangen:

          When will the be a new dusting? Who knows, it could be next week, or not before November.


            It is happening, the mountain crossing roads from west to east is closed by snow:

            Oslo and the rest of Eastern Norway is ISOLATED!!


            • ombugge
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              OK, OK, I know, I borough that one from somewhere.

            • Oistein
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              We survived ....

            Cold air over warm water = ???: