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March 2010 - CaptainsVoyage Monthly Digital Photo Competition Winners

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  • March 2010 - CaptainsVoyage Monthly Digital Photo Competition Winners

    March 2010 - CaptainsVoyage Monthly Digital Photo Competition Winners

    In March 2010 we had a total of 24 entries and 21 family members took it upon themselves to take time out of their busy days to select their favorites.

    I would like to extend a most sincere thank you to all members who joined the competition and to those who took time to vote.

    With 66,67% of the votes, our first lady, Lady C (also known as Seagull), won the first price with her entry "North Cape in Winter".

    Congratulations to Seagull!

    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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    Ah! Big congratulations to you Seagull, a well deserved winner in my humble opinion.
    I can honestly say I enjoyed seeing the rest of the entries too, I always do!
    Infamy, Infamy.... They've got it in for me! Said The Laughing Assassin.


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      Oh wow I won!
      So surprised, because there were so many wonderful and outstanding images that month.

      But while wishing to congratulate the runners-up, I’d like to say the reason why I am actually feeling particularly proud to have won in the final vote count. From when I first posted this image (it was also included and a technique explained in Skyscape), I began noticing just how many members started to experiment a bit with some of their photos by turning them into “black and white” – not just in the competition but in other threads around the forum. There were even some which were taken deliberately with black and white in mind, as being especially suitable in subject matter and subsequent composition.
      I am so pleased to have been some kind of a good influence in this way, (and for the first time am actually feeling I have started to earn my additional rank).


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        my congratulations to you seagull.
        best regards Thijs


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          Congratulations Seagull Usually the proffesional photographer take the photos black and white. Youre photo atract the eyes, to the thigns you whant to emphasise. The color photos has merits to. Thank's Gisela


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            Congratulations Seagull, i can feel the atmosphere by contemplate this picture.
            with kind regards,