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Only in China!

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    This could have been in the Darwin award thread as well:!/video/124993/s...aa-det-umulige


      Those who still think that China is somewhere were cheap labourers produce knock-off products copied from Western designs should see the two latest Click programs on BBC:

      I'm unable to open these links here, but have seen the programs on BBC World


        I have mentioned it before (Post #39), but here is another article about the Chinese plan to revive the Silk Road, but in a much broader sense then most will associate with that term.

        "One Belt, One Road" is an ambitious plan that cover both sea and land and Africa as well as Europe:

        Will the rest of the world embrace this plan, or make some knee jerk attempts at blocking it for fear of the rising power of China?
        We'll see, but if Trump become the next President of USA the answer appears to be a given, at least for the US.


          If anybody is in doubt that China is serious about the "One Belt, One Road" project, here is some news to convince you:


            Originally posted by pakarang View Post
            Re: Only in China!

            Dear members,

            I just had to share this story from China with all of you.... the last family of an apartment block refuses to move because they don't think the compensation was sufficient...

            Then, their house was left as it was standing.... in the middle of the new highway!


            Image directly linked from article:

            Not ONLY in China:


              It can sometimes be a challenge to choose an appropriate thread to post in!
              …only in China …or perhaps only in Scotland!
              I recently took some photos during the filming of the latest in a series of Chinese TV adverts for a brand of bottled Chinese mineral water …in the Dean Village in Edinburgh!

              Describing the commercials as "a romantic period fantasy", the director of the Scottish film production company mentioned "...Scotland is already known in China for its romantic associations, heritage, and high value products like salmon, whisky and knitwear. So filming here will make their audiences sit up and notice Ganten's products."

              Apparently it has indeed caught on with the Chinese viewers, with much interest and speculation as to how the story-line will develop. The adverts are even said to have contributed to increased numbers of Chinese tourists in Scotland! I might have thought such statements were just our Tourist Board hype …but on the other hand I have noticed rather more such tourists finding their way down to the village in the last few years! I must make a point of mentioning that mineral water in future encounters!

              The story so far:-
              "Mesmerise" :-
              There is also a short video 'behind the scenes' during the filming, which gives those of you who have visited Edinburgh further opportunity to spot places you might remember!

              The second advert, "Source", featured locations around Scotland - from Glasgow's City Chambers and Stirling Castle, to Smoo Cave in Durness (where the princess finds the supposed source of the magical water ...and a handsome prince!)

              There will be a return to the Dean Village in the next ad. I think they already shot some footage here last year, which I missed, but here's my own 'behind the scenes' piccies from one of the two days of filming at the end of last month.

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                The horses arrived, and were conveniently stationed in a road that is a cul-de-sac anyway as doesn't allow through traffic onto the busy Queensferry Road. The adjacent Bells Brae, a partially cobbled road that descends to the Water of Leith at the Dean Village (a mill village in former times) was closed during the filming days. The actual filming location was the old bridge where this road crosses the narrow river and changes its name to Dean Path as it ascends the other side.

                Trucks with equipment were parked along Damside in the village. It also appeared that facilities for the actors had been made available at the rear of the building on the left.



                  The weather that day was somewhat dismal, but with lighting equipment I suppose it is possible to create whatever effect is desired, especially for close up shots, and may even be preferable to bright sunlight. (It turned sunny the following day, but I was away and missed that filming.)

                  One of the pink-high-viz-jacketed team had to keep an eye out for folk walking their dogs along Miller Row, a popular riverside walkway, ensuring the dogs were on a leash and kept well away from the horses.
                  The old house, seen here centre picture, plays a key role in the storyline as the fictitious 'Corner café'.



                    Here is the princess in her floral decorated coach.



                      Most of the day was spent with various camera angles as the princess and her entourage approached and stopped on the bridge. Then there was just enough room for a kind of 'three-point-turn' and the carriage to return across the bridge and reassemble for the next 'take'. A couple of times proceedings paused due to showers of rain.

                      You'll have noticed a yellow no-parking line on this picture. Those across the bridge itself and some way up Dean Path had been covered with a sprinkling of gravelly sand, which also imparted a period look to the cobbled road. The council had also given permission to temporarily remove a couple of street signs.

                      Representatives of Ganten watch the proceedings.



                        A pause during a rain shower.



                          A view of the horses waiting on Dean Path.

                          Oh look, it seems there’s a young princess!

                          And the speculation seems to be that she has an encounter with a little boy at the Corner Café, …also involving a bottle of Ganten water!



                            I took a pedestrian route around the filming location, and just happened to catch the carriage crossing the bridge once again.

                            Finally it was time to pack up for the day ...with those wheelbarrows and sacks no doubt convenient for clearing up horse droppings as well as that sand!


                              I have previously posted pictures from a few towns and cities in the Pearl River Delta, but only from a touristy point of view.
                              I did mentioned that there are abt. 50 mill. people living and working within the Pearl River Delta and that it is now "wall-to-wall" built-up area all the way from HK to Guangzhou and beyond.

                              According to The Economist two weeks ago there are actually 66 mill. people within this relatively small (by Chinese standard) area:
                              (There are several more articles on the subject in this special report)

                              I have visited the PRD (not just HK) several times over the years, first in 1966 during the difficult days of the Cultural Revolution and many times since Deng Xiaoping declared Shenzhen a special economic zone in 1980. (Last in 2015) and seen with my own eyes the development first hand, Even for a person having watch the development of Singapore up close for more than 50 years it is amazing.For those who still harbour any ideas that China is just a place where they make knock-off copies of western products this should be compulsory reading.

                              That the PRD is the powerhouse of Chinese export manufacturing has been fairly well known for years, but that it has become a centre of innovation is probably less well known and understood in the west.


                                To put China into perspective:
                                That is 17 times the population of Norway by the way.