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Only in China!

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    My year too! But the year of the goat is sometimes called the year of the sheep isn't it?
    I've never been quite sure which I am!


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      Year of the Goat, Sheep, Ram. Take your pick.

    Good things comes to those who worship this Buddha in the Year of the Goat:

    Only problem is that this picture is from last Year of the Goat and I can't remember which temple, or which Buddha.
    I think it may be the reclining Buddha in Penang:

    In this temple:


      Somebody has all the luck:!/video/110356/

      Enough to make you believe in Karma???


        Incredible! ........

        "To thine own self be true.......
        Thou canst not then be false to any man."


          Contrary to what popular belief China is not all about sweatshops.
          Some Chinese owners thinks it is important to keep your employees happy, but this may be more than most bosses will do:

          There was also an Indian boss that gave all his employees a new house, or a new car:


            In China you will find some of the most spectacular views in the world. Try this glass bottom bridge next time you visit:


              Walking on water has not been successfully accomplished by a human for abt. 2000 years. But in China.... :
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                Fed up with traffic jams where you live?? You ain't seen not'n yet.
                The end of Golden Week in China creates the most spectacular traffic jam anybody could dream about in their worst nightmares:



                  I don't know if it has been registering in Europe and the rest of the world, but there are big things happening in China. The days of China being a manufacture of cheap inferiour quality goods for foreign markets are coming to an end, although all we hear about in Western media is the "decline in the Chinese economy". A bit surprising, since the Chinese economy is growing at a rate that would make any developed country envious.

                  The switch from an economy based on investment, property and cheap production for export, to an economy based on production for internal consumption and services, combined with R&D and high value added production for export.This has been announced more than two years ago.and should not come as a surprise, although it appears to do.

                  One of the big things happening is the "One Belt, One Road Initiative", which involve the revival of the Silk Road to open up Western China to the world.
                  Not only by building roads and rails within Asia, but offering High Speed Rail all the way to Western Europe through Kazakhstan and Russia all the way to Poland, not so much to carry people but freight:

                  If you look at a map you will realize that the distance from Xinjiang Province to Europe is not much more then that to the major ports in China, like Shenzhen or Tianjin.
                  At the moment there are twice weekly service on slow rail from Chengdu in Sichuan to Lodz in Poland:

                  Today it takes 14 days to cover the distance of approx. 10,000 Km. 1/3 of which is within China. With the fast rail this will be reduced to 10-11 days. Trial runs directlyto Darmstadt in Germany has already been made.

                  If you compare this to shipping via Chinese seaports and the Suez Canal, which takes a min. of 40-50 days to reach inland points in Europe, this will open up new markets not only for Chinese goods in Europe but also for European goods to China, incl. even perishables.

                  By air the delivery time would be abt. 2-3 day, depending on origin and destination point relative to major air freight hubs at each end, but cost would be several times that of by rail.


                    One of the main areas to be opened up by the revival of the Silk road is the lesser known Xinjiang Autonomous Region in the far west of China. This area has a majority Uighur population. Being mainly Muslims and of Turkic origin, they are not what most people associates with China.

                    Here is a series of pictures from the region:


                      You must be specific with instructions at airport security:!/video/122732/u...nes-reisesmell


                        Would you believe your own eyes if you were standing there watching it in real life:!/video/121585/m...kyter-i-vaeret


                          Amazing nature in China:


                            It's a bird life:!/video/124532/p...posene-paa-seg
                            Dinner is on the way.


                              Some of the amazing building which has popped up all over China lately:

                              Your comments to each is welcome.