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Fun and other great ADVERTISEMENTS & SIGNS from around the world

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    Signe near the door to the veranda at Radisson Blue Hotel in Aalesund:

    Sorry about the reflection.

    The text may be hard to read, so here is an enlarged verison:


    • Seagull
      Seagull commented
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      Tut tut! Seems like one of my friends is misbehaving and taking advantage of my not having been to check up on him for a while!

    A Thai Massage Parlour in Aalesund sport this sign on their shop front window:

    I'm not very good at Norwegian spelling, but shouldn't that first one spell; "Skulder Massasje"?

    The second I'm not sure if it has an "n" too much? Or maybe it is a "k" too much??


    • pakarang
      pakarang commented
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      HAHAHAHAHAHA.... you are correct, though both skuldre and skulder is correct. In this instance, the wrong way is used.

      Perhaps a classical "lost in translation"?

    While walking along Princes Street yesterday, I saw this advert in a bus shelter, and very much liked the caption!
    Somehow managed to resist the temptation to photoshop the name "Morgan" on the bottom right into something beginning with S


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