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    The Olympic Games Thread

    I SO enjoyed PoloUK’s Olympic Torch Relay photographs.

    It turned out to be much more than “enjoyed”, for they actually managed to inspire a non-sporty person like me to take a glimmer of interest in all this Olympic stuff. Even to the extent of taking to the streets to attempt to get a glimpse of the torch on its way though Edinburgh…maybe even a photo too!

    Well I suppose Edinburgh is a bit bigger than Chippenham, and with the Olympic flame taking an overnight stay here and the torch-spotting opportunities spread over two days… anyway, I’ve ended up with far too many photos, even after massive editing, to be able to comfortably post in the “Anybody's General photo thread” with Mark’s . After much deliberation, I’ve had to overcome my reluctance to start new threads, especially one off event ones.

    So rather than post in our Photo section or in the World section I’m sticking them here in Overtime with the most general of titles, so that we can all happily continue to chat about any aspect of the Olympics here.

    It had seemed to me that the celebratory summer mix of Olympic and Jubilee celebrations that PoloUK highlighted was somewhat muted here in the north. So it was great to see folk starting to line the streets on the torch’s route. A little sunshine undoubtedly helped. It was even just about warm enough to sit outside at Montpeliers –a favourite brasserie of mine strategically located in the Bruntsfield area of Edinburgh on the Torch Route into the city. (It’s featured on CVF before, and has even been enjoyed on a visit by one of our younger members! )

    So following a late lunch/early dinner, all I had to do was to finish my coffee and cross the road, once the crowds started to gather.

    The road conveniently bends here, and with just a little more effort I could even have taken a “pakarang view” of the sponsor’s vehicles!

    Oh, I reckon I did here!…of one of the buses which transported torchbearers between their hand-over locations.



      The CocaCola crew were handing out flags and free beverages!

      Some onlookers had brought their own tributes.


        And then the big moment arrived!



          I strolled into town, passing some post-procession entertainment en route.

          Up by the castle, the crowds, swelled by tourists, had just had their glimpse of the torch.

          What a crowd! There were spectators heading down the Royal Mile after having watched the torch’s arrival, and ticket holders for the show event on the Castle Esplanade heading up the hill towards the castle.
          The domed building on the right is the Outlook Tower, which houses a camera obscura –you can’t actually see the castle because of the huge temporary grandstands erected on the Esplanade, the venue for the Military Tattoo during the Edinburgh Festival.



            The show on the esplanade, where the last torch bearer of the day had lit a cauldron, is big media coverage stuff as can be gauged by the fleet of technical vehicles lining the road at the other side of the castle, and camera-carrying helicopters buzzed overhead –this all seems a bit of a contrast to Marks homely country town Olympic experience.



              Further down the Royal Mile in front of St Giles sponsors had stands and activities, and crowds lingered for some time.



                Eventually I head down the Mound, pausing to photographic the Olympic rings.

                It was a rather strange atmosphere walking along Princes Street, essentially one long length of building site along the future tramline, dividing the city. Out of earshot of the late night bars and restaurants of the parallel George Street beyond, it was eerily quiet, with only the distant beat from the direction of the castle and, in the other direction, the tap tap as a number of late-working guys knocked paving blocks into place along a section of the tramline-to-be. I was heading for my flat and my torch spotting would continue next morning.


                  The morning of 14th June. My torch-spotterplace is Festival Square, in front of the Sheraton Hotel and across Lothian Road from the Usher Hall. I’m there bright and early! (…note the clock!) …AND the sun is shining!

                  The giant screen in the Square was naturally about to show “torch coverage”, and those people opposite me and facing the screen would later be able to wave at themselves!! . I was standing near to the camera man.


                    The crowd were delighted when the first torchbearer of the day, swimmer Raquel Matos, arrived early. At this point her torch is not lit.



                      Yes, I too touched the torch!



                        The mother flame arrives in a lantern.
                        Expressions of Responsibity…

                        …and Pride.



                          I was so glad to have seen this! The crowd had suddenly become quiet, a moment of hush, and tension almost, and expectation…

                          …and then suddenly the flame bursts alight, the crowds cheer madly, and almost before you realise it the torch is speeding on its way.




                              Re: The Olympic Games Thread

                              Great reportage Seagull.