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World Health and Life Expectancy

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    World Health and Life Expectancy

    I came across this site with a lot of different statistics, among them the historical life expectancy for the different countries of the world:

    It is quite interesting to see how things have changed between 1960 and 2016. Most countries have improved their life expectancy, both for male, female and overall, but what is striking is the geographical change that have taken place, with the rich countries of the west being in majority near the top, but changing places, while some of the developing countries of 1960 climbing up the rankings.
    Most noticeable to me is Singapore, which goes from somewhere in the 40s to 3rd or 4th place in 2010 and 2016.

    At the same time Norway drops from top ranking to 10-12 place in the same time span. The rest of Scandinavia has a similar faith.

    As far as the UK is concerned, it has dropped from 9th place in 1960, which I don't consider all that good, to 22nd in 2016. I note that, apart from the changes in ranking, the main European countries all show an increase of about 10 years in life expectancy over that period.
    An interesting table, but at the same time it is difficult to read any real meaning into the change of rank of any individual country without knowing all the factors on which the figures are based. One,.for example, is the effect that immigration may have had, bringing with it new genes, a previously different life style/access to medical care, etc.
    However, life expectancy overall certainly seems to have extended quite a bit. What is not so certain is whether or not we're all making much good use of all those extra years.
    Yeah, I'm a pessimist, I know.

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      It may reflect more the changes in the developing world then in the developed countries. Better healthcare and nutrition probably as much as anything to do with migration from one to the other. After all the majority stay where they were born and the majority of people in almost all countries are native born.(with exception of UAE, Qatar etc.)
      BTW; Singapore has advanced very much, yet 38% of the population are foreign born.

    Is it bad that I look at that report as a list of places to visit? Maybe visit all the countries ranked higher than the US. So far I have only been to six.

    I was about to say that I didn't have much desire to visit countries below #100 on the list. Then I revised it to the top 150. Then I realized that I would even like a trip to #1...


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      The you'd better get going, Dane, with 149 to see after that.