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Memories of X-mases past

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    Memories of X-mases past

    Not actually a memorable x-mas but the lead up to it.
    In 1971 I was Master on a ship trading Singapore to East Indonesia when the domestic reefer plant packed up while in Sorong. Although she was half-reefer ship I did not find it necessary to freeze down a whole cargo hold for a little provision.

    Cooki got hold of some live chickens, a goat and two small pigs as live provision to get us back to Singapore. But, since we would celebrate x-mas on the way, I though we must have something special for that occasion.

    No turkey was available, but I had noticed that someone on Sorong Dome held gees in a pen.
    As we were moored at Sorong Dome I took a walk to see if I could buy a couple for our X-mas dinner. As usual, every kid on the island followed me and we got there I found a couple of dozen gees in a fairly large pen.

    After some haggling with the Javanese owner, I agreed to buy two birds. Now was only the question of which two? When I pointed at one, just about ever kid in my "entourage" jumped into the pen and pandemonium broke out. Kids and gees running and feathers flying all over the place. (Use you imagination)
    After some time the cleverer, or luckier, of the kids had got hold of some gees, which they proudly presented for my selection. After some prodding I selected two, got them tied up and hung on a stick for transport back to my ship by a large number volunteers.

    The Carpenter prepared a pen on the poop deck and the Chief Engineer took on the job of force feeding the geese with rice until time for slaughter. When time came the gees looked nice and plumb, but after the feather had been removed, they kind of lost a lot to be desired. In any case, we had a good x-mas a couple of days out of Singapore.

    A DIY Christmas with your own onboard farmyard!

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