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Comet ISON

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    Comet ISON

    At this page you can see the comet ISON entering the view of the SOHO spacecraft which is monitoring the sun:

    The comet enters at this morning, the 27th. The video will be updated continuously, during the next 2 days you can watch the comet being captured by the sun's gravity and being redirected.

    The video itself:

    Thank you for this. I can't get the video as Quicktime keeps crashing, but I'll keep an eye on it. Very interesting and nail-biting as today seems to be the day when survival of the comet will be determined.

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      Here you can see a sequence of images seen by the C2 detector of the SOHO spacecraft that allows a closer view. This link should work without Quicktime (takes some time for loading..)


        This was a pretty amazing and interesting - perhaps also significant - event.... Imagine if that comet came that close to our planet instead of the sun.

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