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    The last bit will complete the "circle" in Circle Line:


      Religious freedom is a constitutional right in Singapore, but being a multi-religious society there is also strict laws against talking bad about, spreading ill will, or criticizing any religion. Trying to use religion in politics is also against the law.

      Foreign preachers of any religion can be banned from Singapore if they are known to preach negatively about other religions. Recently two Christian preachers has been banned for this reason:


        Singapore has a new President. The first female to hold the post and the first Malay for 47 years:

        True to form, she will be staying put in her HDB flat, where she has lived for 30 years. This is very much like all previous Presidents, although they have an official residence at the Istana.
        The same applies to the Prim Ministers, although there is an official PM residence in the Istana grounds it has been used as a VIP Guest House since independence in 1965.


          This is part of MY Singapore:
          I have seen him working in his makeshift stall over many years and have used his services a few times.
          But he is not my regular cobbler. That is Ah Lai who sits outside Peoples Park Food Centre.


            There are over 200000 foreign Maids, officially called "domestic helpers", in Singapore. They get into the news once in a while, but usually always for the wrong reasons.
            Here is an article from CNA today which put them in a better light then normal:

            One problem that I think I have mentioned before is that many of them are getting old and do not wish to go back to their country of origin, but have no status in Singapore if they are no longer employed.
            Some are taken care of by the families they have worked for for many years, even after they are no longer capable of doing all the work in the household, but far from all.


              CNA is a great network!

              Thanks for the link to that report!

              I wish I could get the CNA on cable here in Norway!
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                The new Mega Container Terminal at Tuas Phase 1 has reached halfway mark:


                  In Singapore it is just as much a crime to offer a bribe as to accept one.
                  Obviously not everybody realize that: