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    In post 1207/3 I posted a picture of the Singapore Management University, which is the 4th home grown University in Singapore, and the newest:

    It's main Campus is situated between Bras Basah Road and Stamford Road and consists of some low-raised buildings in a park. Here is some of the buildings:

    What is so special with this?? Well, a major Campus placed in the middle of town is a bit special and raised some eyebrows when first suggested.
    Why have an additional 8-10,000 people added into the already dense and heavily trafficked downtown area. Why take away a large green area where it is most needed??, etc.etc.
    Actually, there were not much use of the park before, now there is more people enjoying the ambiance. I think it has all quieted down with the way this development has been carried out:
    And this is only one of the buildings on the Campus.


      ​I did post some picture from a walk here some time ago (Post #1050-1052) but it is worth mentioning again.
      For those who are interested in the early history of Singapore, from the first settlement around the mouth of Singapore River, up to and incl. WWII and beyond, take a walk in Fort Canning Park.
      It is easily accessible from several places in the area frequented by tourists and has well prepared and maintained walking paths, with the history of the different periods displayed on plaques along the various paths, like this one:

      The original Military HQ is now Fort Canning Hotel:

      There are a number of old graves, where prominent people of the Colony at the turn of the 20th Century is buried:

      Some of their names are still carried by streets and building in Singapore.

      They are not only British. Here is the grave of a Russian:

      And a German:

      With a prominent Chinese in the background.


        The gates into what used to be the Christen Cemetery, now part of the park:

        Gothic Gates
        : These imposing and sombre gateways in gothic style lead the visitor into Fort Canning Green, where a Christian cemetery used to stand. Built in 1846, these gates have since become a landmark of Fort Canning Hill. The letters above both gates, "IHS" are iota, eta and sigma, the first three letters of the Greek word for Jesus.
        A monument of newer date is also found in the Park:

        There is also a Spice Garden with all kinds of spices growing and marked with plaques to give their common and Latin names and origin:

        And information on the use of spices of different kinds:


          In post # 1211 I posted some YouTube videos from Singapore, one of which was from 1967.

          Here is some videos from Singapore in 1983.
          ​It is not that long ago, but the scenery and way of life is entirely different.:

          This is from North Boat Quay in 1983:

          And demolition of that area later that same year:


            A jump to Singapore of 2011:
            This is a full 46 min. Discovery Channel program, (without advertisement) and not Singapore Government produced propaganda, which may surprise some.


              And Singapore isn't that uptight !!!

              Seen in Singapore ..

              And .. some local news, a youngster who spread rumours that the founding father has died, is 'assisting' the police ...

              Spreading misinformation is punishable in Singapore



                And Singapore's founding Father, Lee Kuan Yew, 91, passed away today !!



                  Singapore Navy and Police Coast Guard doing ‘rounds’ for Lee Kuan Yew’s Memorial Service,RSS Resilience and RSS Dauntless of Navy, and the StanPatrol 3507 Based Coast Guard Boats posted in the Singapore Ports Thread !


                    The construction site across the road as it look today:


                      One more building from the days of strong Jewish influence in Singapore; Ellison Building from 1924 at the corner of Seleigi Road and Bukit Timah:

                      It is now home of several Indian Muslim (Mamak) Restaurants at street level. I'm not sure what, if anything, the upper floors are used for.

                      Seleige Road and Mt. Sophia was a heavily Jewish part of town in the early days, with several old buildings of Jewish origin still standing.
                      Here is a link to some more info on Ellison Building.

                      PS> The Trishaws in front is part of an organized tour for tourists. Trishaws are no longer used as normal means of transport in Singapore, but was common in Chinatown and Little India until into the 1980s.
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                        I have been wondering what was going on at the site of the old Tanglin Police Station. Well, here is the answer:


                          Last year some drunk foreign workers made trouble in Little India, resulting in restrictions on sale of alcohol in the area on week end nights.
                          That was so successful in reducing public drinking and littering that it has resulted in this new regulation throughout Singapore:
                          Actually regulating drinking in public was considered for quite some time before the "riot". Sale of alcohol from shops is now banned from 2230 to 0700hrs. every day and island wide:

                          One of the places where this has been seen as a problem, mainly because of rowdy and sometimes violent behaviour is Reed Bridge at Clark Quay, where lots of people of all races and creeds congregate, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. There was been cases of fighting and even people jumping into the river and drowning, but the main complain is about littering, vomiting and urinating in the area. (The pictures in the ST article above is from there)

                          I have posted pictures of and from the bridge here earlier (before the ban) but I did not see any difference after 1. April either. No police to be seen, but still a lot of people on the bridge. The 7/11 near the bridge will feel the difference though, after 2230 hrs. at least.

                          Here is a picture from 2014 with people sitting on the "fence" of the bridge:

                          And a Busker entertaining the crowed:


                            More nicely restored old Town houses for you:

                            The main Jewish Synagogue in Singapore at night:


                              Gardening in Orchard Road. This little plot of artificial grass with flowers, benches and a small Butterfly enclosure has appeared outside ION at the corner of Orchard Road and Patterson Road:

                              I don't know what is the occasion, but in the vicinity there were a rack with green plants, with solar panels on top and a sign that said; this is not a garden but a power plant.
                              Don't know if it is related, but I assume it has something to do with saving the environment.

                              PS> Well, if you don't know, just Google it:
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                                Something entirely different; Singapore's new Mega Container port: