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    More Singapore buildings, here with the contrasts of styles over the decades, or even centuries:

    The roundish structure in front is the exit ramp from Golden Shoe Car Park in Market Street, built in the early 1970s.
    The tall tower is Republic Plaza, built in 1995 as one of three skyscrapers in Singapore, standing 280 m. tall above street level:

    Singapore's Grand Canyon. This is actually a service road at the back of the buildings facing Shanton Way on the left and Robinson Road on the right:

    Those who know their back-roads sometimes use this as a way of avoiding congestion on the main streets.
    The cyclist here probably use it to get out of the exhaust and noise, as did we.


      I must come back and have a longer look at your New Year photos - they are such joyous ones - and I am particularly interested in the older images comparison.
      But also
      Not up to CVF standard, but it's not easy to get a sharp picture from a jumping launch moving at 12 - 15 kts. even in daylight.
      CVF should have no standard as far as quality of image is concerned. I got a real feeling of being on a launch at close quarters with the water. It was wet and made me want to shrink back to avoid getting drenched!.

      "To thine own self be true.......
      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


        In post 1185 I mentioned the Jewish passed in Singapore.
        Well it is not all in the passed, there are still a Jewish community here, with their main Synagogue and Community Center situated in along Waterloo Street:

        Here is some info on the Jews in Singapore and their history:


          This years River Hongbao is already in full swing:

          Preparation for the Chingay is also well under way:

          We passed by the main venue of the River Hongbao a couple of days ago. Here is some pictures.

          Entrance from the Esplanade:

          With some tivoli-like rides just outside:

          The floating stage:

          A closer look from this side:


            It was crowded, although showtime wasn't even close yet:

            The Peacoc*ks have got their tail:

            A view of the Floating Stage from the other side:

            Closer look:

            My plan to take a picture from the middle was cancelled due to the crowd pressure.


              The approach to Singapore Flyer was barricaded in preparation for the Chin*** Parade line-up:

              The F1 Paddock area has been taken over by Chin*** Floats:

              Lots of tents dotted the place, which will be the staging area for the Chin*** Parade:


                We continued our wandering around Marina Promenade to get out of the maddening crowd.
                Here is the unavoidable picture of Marina Bay Sands from Marina Promenade:

                Marina Bay Sands and Garden by the Bay:

                Garden by the Bay, with the characteristic structures housing temperate plants and the Cloud Forrest:

                Marina Barrage seen from Marina Promenade:


                  Marina Bay and Kallang Basin is now a fresh water reservoir and aquatic plants has established themselves along the waters edge:

                  So has fresh water fish, prawns and other aquatic life done in the reservoir.

                  The trees along the waters edge looks like they have been there forever:

                  Although this is land reclaimed from the sea in the early/mid-1970s and not developed before mid/late1980s.

                  Marina Barrage seen through the arch of Benjamin Shears Bridge:

                  This bridge was built at a time when there were still shipyards at Tg. Rhu, hence the height of 20 m..
                  The Shipyards were relocated to Jurong and Tuas shortly after the bridge was built.

                  The new Sports Hub at Kallang seen from Marina Promenade:

                  This year South East Asia (SEA) Games will be held her in June.


                    A really fascinating set of images, Ombugge. Thank you very much. The restraint of the Scotts Square and Ascott Raffles displays was in marked contrast to everything else where the decorations seemed at times almost to obliterate buildings! You took a lot of trouble finding those old pics., too, thank you. Looking at #1193 and your note that the land there was reclaimed in the '70's it seems incredible - only 40 years on and look at the trees.
                    ....and have been playing the same two-three CNY songs for the last month at least. (Replacing "Dingle Bell" and "White X-mas", which was played for at least month and a half)
                    Drives you mad, doesn't it?!

                    "To thine own self be true.......
                    Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                    • ecureilx
                      ecureilx commented
                      Editing a comment
                      fortunately the CNY music seems a bit muted this year, or my hearing has gone out of the window !!!

                      And it is funny that the Forum is filtering out the G-A-Y, in the CHIN-G-A-Y !!!

                    wherrygirl, the music played in malls and all is mild compared to hearing this .. as I recorded last week in a customer site !!!!



                      Oh, but that's fine, ecureilx, it's good dragon stuff. In fact, it should be more threatening, but perhaps when it gets going out in the street it will work up a bit more! I bet you didn't know that Norwich (the county town of Norfolk, the adjoining county to mine), has its own dragon as a symbol and in the summer there is a festival at which it performs. The rest of the year it lives in a beautiful centuries-old building actually named Dragon Hall. I would have taken Thijs and his family to see it last August had there been time.
                      Perhaps one day I'll get round to photographing the dragon performance.

                      "To thine own self be true.......
                      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                        Yes it is high season for many Lion Dance Troupes in Singapore during CNY. Just about every business in town want to have their Office or Work site blessed by a Lion Dance to ensure good fortune.
                        Here is pictures from the Construction site next door when they got visited and blessed.

                        The Lion dance trope in their highly decorated lorry and with the drums and gongs letting everybody know they are here:

                        Setting up at the gate. They were not allowed too far into the site. (No hard hats and safety shoes):


                          The action can begin:

                          Feeding time:

                          A little assistance and guidance is required:


                            Onlookers congregated outside on the road:

                            A little hand-out from the Site Manager:

                            And then it is time for a photo session:

                            I also shot a video of the proceeding, or at least part of it:


                              Oh dear, Ombugge, something's gone wrong. I clicked on the link and it reported that the video doesn't exist - an error in validation, apparently. Can you try again, as it woud be interesting to watch the ceremony.

                              "To thine own self be true.......
                              Thou canst not then be false to any man."