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    Aft end of the Asean Cable Ship, in Anchor (from the view point, I couldn’t get a better picture )

    Follow me .. Port side turn coming up. .. (all at anchor .. ) The Wellard Livestock Carrier, Ocean Swagman, seems to be a permanent fixture now in the Southern Anchorage .. wonder what she is upto ..


      A Norwegian take on Singapore:!/video/106867/b...ra-singapore/3

      Predictably, the standard perceptions of Singapore as the "Fine City" and stereotyping prevail. (Sorry the comments are only in Norwegian)


        The skyline of Singapore as seen from the far side of Eastern Anchorage at dusk:

        Same at dawn:

        Some changes since my last post with the skyline seen from the anchorage.


          This is the reality of much of Singapore, wall to wall housing blocks:

          At least that is the perception of many, but there is another, lesser known, Singapore.

          Turning the camera 180 degr. and we see the Outward Bound Camp at Pulau Ubin:

          Here is a link to their website:

          Pulau Ubin used to be a place of granite quarries, with a few Malay Kampongs and little else.
          That is largely the case still, although the quarries are now no longer active. It has deliberately been left so to give Singaporeans a place of recreation and where the traditional Kampong life can still be found:


            Another walkabout in the Marina Bay area yesterday evening an a number of pictures to share, starting with this panorama from the Esplanad concourse:

            And the obligatory view of Marina Bay Sands:

            Passed the Floating Stage, where preparations were under way for this years River Hongbao show:
            Which will probably have something with Peac*cks in it:

            The tails are still missing. (Why Peac*ocks when it is the Year of the Goat I don't know??)

            More Marina Bay Sands:

            The Helix Bridge with light decorations:

            Singapore Flyer:

            (This a complete ferris wheel, not broken)


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              WHAHAHAHAHA,rup it in Ombugge.

            More Singapore Flyer:

            And more Marina Bay Sands:

            The "Old" Downtown seen from one of the viewing platforms at the Helix Bridge:

            Floating Stage on the right, being prepared for the big event 17. 28. Febr.

            An interesting view of Marina Bay Sands:

            Can't get enough of the Singapore Flyer? Here is a couple more views:


              No, it is not the Arctic Cathedral in Tromso:

              Be patient, the answer will come on our way back.

              A piece of wood that somebody have seen opportunities in:

              Here is who:

              A well lite building in the Garden by the Bay:

              Marina Barrage connects Marina South with Marina East and serve to protect Singapore from flooding:

              Singapore Skyline as seen from the roof garden on top of the Marina Barrage pump station:


                More Skyline, but not stitched into a Panorama:

                Feel free to make a panorama of these last three.

                What is that, flying in the sky??:

                It is the newest craze, kites with LED lights:


                  you are getting intrested by night photography Ombugge.
                  nice images
                  best regards Thijs


                    The concourse at Marina Barrage Pump House is a popular playground for children, especially the fountains:

                    Time to head back towards Marina Bay Sands through Garden by the Bay:

                    On the way we will pass under the supports of this building:

                    That should explain the "Cathedral" in #1162/1.

                    On the way I noticed this plant, which I found unusual:

                    It also gave me the idea to be a bit artistic:


                      We are almost there, but I got another shot I thought would appeal to those who appreciate compositions:

                      That is the end of our walk as we reach the Shopping Arcade of Marina Bay Sands, where just about every luxory Brand is represented:

                      This is just a small part. It is just overwhelming and not at all my type of place.

                      If you are into that kind of stuff, here is a list of the shops available for your "Shopping pleasure":


                        Since all major religions are represented here Singapore has many festivals, although only a few are Public Holidays.
                        Yesterday was the Hindu festival of the Silver Chariot procession at - among others- the Sri Mariammam Temple in Chinatown.
                        This is part of the Thaipusam celebration, which is one of the main Hindu events:

                        The actual procession starts in the very early morning, but there are some activity until late at night.
                        Video of this years event has already been posted on YouTube:
                        Sorry, it is a bit broken up.

                        We just happened to catch a gimps of the termination at Sri Mariammam Temple as we passed by:

                        The main Thaipusam procession is going on today:


                          This year's Thaipusam procession from Serangoon road to Tank Road in Singapore is now over and traffic in the area back to normal.
                          I went to take a few pictures before it got dark. This is from Penang Roads as they get on the "homestretch" towards Tank Road

                          Difficult to get any good ones due to the crowed, but here is what I got:

                          The "noise makers":

                          The Aux. Police was out in force to try to keep the procession and the traffic flowing somewhat at the same time:


                            Family, friends and general onlookers followed the procession:

                            A different type of Kavadi. This looks heavy:

                            Making the turn into Clemenceau Avenue:

                            A view of the procession along Clemenceau Avenue:

                            That is it of my own pictures of this years Thaipusam celebration.
                            For those who want to see more, here is a video of the procession posted on YouTube:


                              Oh, I must come back later today to have a really good look at all this - can't stay now because there is so much to see here.

                              "To thine own self be true.......
                              Thou canst not then be false to any man."


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                                CNY Decorations in Chinatown to follow soon.